7 Confetti Buntings Vector brushes for illustrator

7 Confetti Buntings Vector brushes for illustrator

7 Confetti Buntings Vector brushes for illustrator .

Wanting to create a party invitation with fun colorful Buntings and Confetti  , i came up with this full vector brushes set . These are  idea to use in any vector software . Great for use in illustrator includes banner symbols and scatter vector brushes.

Here is the preview of the complete set of Vector Brushes.

Vector Brushes , scatter brushes confetti and buntings

Vector Brushes , scatter brushes confetti and buntings


Pack of 7  fun and creative Illustrator pattern vector brushes and scatter confetti and decoration vector brushes .

These are 100% vector so they can be scaled to any size without loss of quality.

Use Scatter vector brushes on Circular shapes or just Free hand drawn lines to create unlimited design options or custom Text.

These symbols  are really easy to add to your project, and are very easy to edit. You can easily change color of the brushes view the image with the details provided. Scatter brushes can be used in variety of ways not limited to jun creating rounds and square shapes.

Whats included:

  • 1 Illustrator CS4 file containing 7 Buntings decoration pattern vector brushes & vector Scatter brushes library
  • 1 Illustrator 8 EPS file containing 7 Bunting decoration pattern vector brushes & vector Scatter brushes library
  • bonus!: 7 bunting banner  illustrator vector symbols.

Are you Familiar with Vector brushes ?.

Got any Questions?.

Look below for resources that will help to answer any questions you might have regarding use of brushes.

Tip #1 Changing appearance of Scatter Brushes
Tip #2  Changing Appearance of Brushes (Reverse)
Tip #3  How to make funky illustrative backgrounds and flourishes using  brushes
Tip # 4 How to Use brushes , how to install brushes

These Buntings and Confetti Vector Brushes for illustrator comes with a commercial use license .



Or from my Etsy Store

7 Confetti Buntings Vector brushes for illustrator

Valentine Scatter Brushes : 14 scatter brushes create borders or frames

I have been busy with some of my personal projects , which kept me away from writing for aivault for a while now  🙂 but i have been creating some fun scatter brushes to use in these projects of mine , And now these are added to the AiFactory Store . Read further below for details about these brushes.

14 scatter brushes for Adobe illustrator , create borders , frames and shapes , using these brushes . You must have knowledge to use these brushes , need help? read here Want to learn more about brushes? Helpful links:-

How to use brushes?


Included in this download

1 brushes file compatible CS4
1 Eps file with embedded brush library compatible ai 8 and above

These brushes are commercial use ok! no credit back need but yes appreciated. Hope you like them. Have fun creating!

7 Confetti Buntings Vector brushes for illustrator

Free Scatter vector brushes illustrator : Floral Scatter Brushes


If you have been a reader of my blog for a while you will surely know that how I had been obsessed with using vector brushes. I use them in everything that I create as part of my each and every next design , I just love playing around with brushes and they are all the way FUN! .

And if the job that you do is not all the way fun you dont love your job then hmmm… things get overwhelming and you simply dont enjoy the work process.

Ok so you do remember that I shared with you the floral brushes a while back , and also how to use brushes and how to install brushes . Keeping in view that all these things are already covered I present to you vector floral scatter brushes for illustrator.

And this time it is free to download! So that you can play around with these fun buddies. And if you do enjoy it you can also look into my MEGA list of free vector brushes for illustrator.

vector brushes illustrator

included in this set
6 Scatter Bruses library for illustrator CS
1 EPS file for illustrator 8 and above
including the 6 brushes library
EPS file for the artwork seen.

Click the button below to download for free !

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