What content would you like to see more on this blog


I need your help! , As an aivault’s reader you do know that this blog was once more active , and still gets love from some of the leading graphic design and illustration tutorials and resources blogs but it is being neglected by me 🙁 , sadly , i got distracted along the way and the blog was a bit left out .

Wanting to come back and write up again , i want to add some tutorials and more content to the blog that i learned during this time of absence.

Since aivault had been my experience and leaning notebook , and also for others , i had been sharing what i learned new with others , i want to do that again after spending time , learning new ways to emerge as a successful artist.

In the comments below, tell me  some suggestions! . on what kind of content would you like to see on this blog.

Thank you so very much for taking time to read my blog and staying around!



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