Free Scatter vector brushes illustrator : Floral Scatter Brushes

Free Scatter vector brushes illustrator : Floral Scatter Brushes


If you have been a reader of my blog for a while you will surely know that how I had been obsessed with using vector brushes. I use them in everything that I create as part of my each and every next design , I just love playing around with brushes and they are all the way FUN! .

And if the job that you do is not all the way fun you dont love your job then hmmm… things get overwhelming and you simply dont enjoy the work process.

Ok so you do remember that I shared with you the floral brushes a while back , and also how to use brushes and how to install brushes . Keeping in view that all these things are already covered I present to you vector floral scatter brushes for illustrator.

And this time it is free to download! So that you can play around with these fun buddies. And if you do enjoy it you can also look into my MEGA list of free vector brushes for illustrator.

vector brushes illustrator

included in this set
6 Scatter Bruses library for illustrator CS
1 EPS file for illustrator 8 and above
including the 6 brushes library
EPS file for the artwork seen.

Click the button below to download for free !

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Free Scatter vector brushes illustrator : Floral Scatter Brushes

Line Art Brushes


What exactly is line Art Brush , for those of you who do not know the line art brushes give life to your work . When you are drawing with hand you have total control over the paint brush or pencil to play around with the thickness and pressure points of the stroke . When it comes to working with illustrator you need to work it manually. One way is that you Expand your stroke to shape………. (more…)

Photoshop Brushes Complexity 22 in set

Photoshop Brushes Complexity 22 in set


After such a good responce of complexity brushes and recieving request for its photoshop version here is the release of complexity photoshop version . Brushes created on 1920×1180 px artboard so they are Big and good resolution . Compatable with photoshop 7 and above . installation instructions are along the abr file!

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