Day 1 Sketch 1 lets play 100 days 100 sketches

2 years back i posted a series of 100 illustrations in 30 days , i had lots and lots of time free in my hand i guess! LOL and i did accomplished that , what this speed illustrations did was wonderful.. the outcome of speed illustrations not only opened up understanding of tools for me but definitely helped me increase my illustrations speed…
I guess self exploration never ends , only if you start to explore… I am working on a new project now , which involves self exploration in whatever media i feel like exploring … coloring , painting , sketching , digital … just anything i need to find what suits me the best.

You are invited to follow me on this quest and criticize my work if you can find some time in your hands.

Each illustration or work will be available for downloads limited to 20 !

You can follow the updates through my RSS feed Or Check back very often to grab the Downloads , IF i am working on a Photoshop project you will be able to download PSD layered files if illustrator then Vector files , eps 8 for your ease of use.

Here i am with

Day 1 Sketch 1

Medium :- Drawing in flash , coloring in illustrator

Tools :- Artistic brushes in illustrator

Textures :-Textures for the final preview from HERE

Download the source file! ( Limited to 20 Downloads Only)

Author: Asmaa’

Software: Adobe illustrator

Category: [download id=”72″ format=”7″]

Terms of use: [download id=”72″ format=”6″]

Description:[download id=”72″ format=”4″]

Downloaded:-[download id=”72″ format=”5″]

[private] [download id=”72″ format=”3″][/private]

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