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79f4f0ddbcab6ab89027b73b443438f7 Halloween Wallpaper App for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.


011 Halloween Wallpaper App for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.

021 Halloween Wallpaper App for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.

Here is the detail I shared on my IG post!


Breaking out of Artists Block Latest updates on Arts and Creativity

hope your summer is going super well and that you’re having a wonderful time bonding with your kids. I pray your laundry piles are small, your coffee hot and your blog is growing. And if you are a shop owner I pray that it is expanding and more and more sales are dripping in , its my little prayer for you and the best one I can give at the moment from an Artist to an Artist.


I have exciting news! Both personal and on the blog. Let’s get right into it….

#1 I am officially coming back to my paintings after nearly 7 years!!

You might remember my story how I was cheated by an Art Licensing company and lost my muse? if not you can read about it right here.

It took me longer than I thought , it feels like I have been awaken up from a dream now. There were many nights of crying and many days of cursing ( dont we all do that ? ) if not … then this was where I was at. I was devastated felt rejected, blamed everything and anything on to the little heartbreak.

It took me 3 mindset and business coaches, 1 failed coach choice and a lot of forgiveness work that I can officially declare that I am back to work. More on choosing the right Coach later , but for now I am a firm a believer that you need a community of Artists and creators who understand you , and more intimate this community is better it is .

Having said that, during this time the lessons that I was able to learn are worth Gold, nothing happens without a cause. Everything is there for a reason, I have grown out so much stronger and wiser as a person from this experience and now I truly thank the Art Licensing company for the experience they have helped me go through.

I almost laugh at the story that I shared from a state of mind that was all angry and full of resentment. Sorry but not so sorry…..

Here is my latest Islamic Art painting <3

My first painting (after 7 years) is not stiring me enough from inside , I pulled it up and hung it over my living room wall, but nope I still have to uncover a lot from inside. I looked towards it everyday, continued my daily morning practices for creativity and raising my vibrations to connect to creative muse within me and make it stronger, and as I dd this practice more, the painting started to represent an era of transition and as soon as I overcame that, my heart for done with enjoying the painting ( it is off to a new home now).

#2 I am starting a brand new hand painted furniture business.

It is so hush hush at the moment , I haven’t shared this on social media or anywhere else , infact not even to my family yet 🙂 but you know … I feel close to you , since you are my pen friend I needed to get this out …. 🙂  Dont forget to subscribe to my email list if you want to recieve updates on my creative musings and latest updates.

#3 My website is coming up with a new branding

With so much going on and myself handling that too, it is coming on up slowly but you might have noticed the new home page?

#4 Creative Business School 101

For the past 4 year I’ve yearned to create a Course that is made specifically for Artists and Creatives –

where I can teach you how I’ve created my own product based business using my arts and illustrations and now run it successfully from the comfort of my home.I finally know exactly how I want to teach it and what I will put into the course. It just clicked last week – I can’t wait to tell you more.

My current goal is to get it to you by July 20th , It will teach you not just how to create an online Shop and your own products selling through a stand alone website but also how to create an evergreen funnel to it – so you don’t have to struggle with tech issues and driving traffic to it all the time.make money.

It’s basically teaching you exactly how I run my product based business right now 😉 Most products that teach you how to create a product and a business with a successful funnel go for $997 (no kidding!) but right now I’m planning to launch it for under $100.

So skip one date night and save up your money. This.will.be.so.worth.it!

Phew, that’s it! What a big email with tons of news! As you may see, I’m back from vacation and ready to serve you! Can’t wait to see your success!Got your attention? Just fill out this super-quick feedback form .

juneupdate Breaking out of Artists Block Latest updates on Arts and Creativity

Project update: Coloring Book for Adults “Color to Glee”

So i have been working on a little project of mine these few days , due to which i haven’t been able to post much Vector tutorials on this blog as much as i would love to and as much as i would like to . I present to you my coming up Coloring Book for Adults.

Adult coloring pages

But i thought i will take you along with me on to my next artistic journey and share some moments with you .


I have been doodling and drawing and while doing that i also concentrated on creating more art for Artlicensing . I would like to share with you one of my drawings that you might like to color if you are a fan of coloring pages.

Coloring Pages and coloring books for adults have become a sort of therapy aid . It really helps clear the clutter out of your mind.I have tried using to-do lists , Chore lists for my kids , planners and some of the apps available for project management but the connection to hand to paper is always the best healer.

I have worked on a few drawings and then took some time out to color them and found them quite engaging and releasing a bit of stress.

So from my first batch of new drawings below is one of the pages from adult coloring pages.More of the coloring pages (2)

I hope that you enjoy coloring it as much as i did and i will be sharing next coloring page as soon as i enter my next phase of project .

Download 4 Free Coloring Pages from Color To Glee Coloring Book for Adults



Coastal digital watercolor artworks. {Personal Works}

Here is an update on my recent explorations in digital worlds , thought i’d share these with you with a bit of detail on the work process.



Buy this as Art Print or Card


Buy this as Art Print or CardAmurad-coastaljoy-02

Buy this as Art Print or Card


Buy this as Art Print or Card

Initially the main elements of art I have used My Watercolour washes in creating the edges and background , the elements were hand drawn then scanned , adjusted cropped and then added to the artwork.


The Washes that i used are these.

watercolor prev2 f Coastal digital watercolor artworks. {Personal Works}

These Artworks are available for licensing through Artlicensing.com or you can purchase the artprints through my zazzle store just click on the image to go to the link.

Keywords: artprint , artlicensing , digital art , watercolor washes , watercolor strokes , digital art , watercolor texture , coastal images , digital coastal , coastal illustration.

How to Create Watercolor effect in Photoshop

I have been struggling to create a watercolor effect in illustrator since such a long time and finally with some serious experimentation and trials and errors i have come to a point where i can say i am getting there .

Here are a few of my recent artworks that i created using my Watercolor effect exploration take a look.


Watercolor Live Simply Art by Asmaa murad


The World awaits you , Watercolor in photoshop


Must Wake up smiling always , Watercolor in photoshop


Ocean share your secrets with me , watercolor in photoshop

In an upcoming tutorial i will be sharing with you how i created this watercolor effect. so stay around :).

Superhero and animals , seamless pattern design for stationary , invitation or textile.

After 2 years , i am coming back to posting to my shutterstock and Dreamstime portfolio , With over 1000 images on microstock sites in my portfolio , I stopped uploading two years back.

I wanted to work towards refining my work and during this time i made tons and tons of images , and now i think it is time to share all of these whats the use of these sitting in my hard drive anyway!

I have just uploaded around 70 new images and working towards submitting them through stock sites these include vector seamless patterns as well as some graphical element sets great for stationary design , invitations and textile . Inviting you to take a look ! 🙂

All pattern and  designs can be purchased via Shutterstock. Check the license agreement before downloading. For commercial use, please contact me

My latest images for sale at Shutterstock:

My most popular images for sale at Shutterstock:

Christmas Clip Art images free download for Facebook fans New Christmas illustrations

I have been busy creating some themed graphics for the Christmas they are all up at the Etsy Store .including Poinsettias , Christmas trees, complete with a custom character girl illustration. See the previews below followed by the free clipart graphics set that you can download and enjoy through my Facebook fan page till the end of December.

so here are the clipart images in the collection

Christmas Poinsettia Clip Art >Holiday Clip Art > Festive Clip Art >flower Clip Art

flowerprev (more…)

Art licensing What is it ? My Artistic journey – PART1

Those of you who have been following my blog might have read about  me talking about Art licensing and what it is ? Well here is a little explanation for the newbies . I consider myself as a newbie as well . But i would like to share the little knowledge that i have with fellow artists.

Art licensing in short is selling your Art to be turned into products . Like greeting cards you can get in a shop , dinnerware you can use , curtains and furniture and what not , all the everyday usage stuff.

This is my story of how i started working towards licensing art. Its a girl’s journey with no one who could provide guidance what so ever.

I have spent 12 years working as a graphic designer , doing logo design , graphic design , web design , blog design and small print projects . Since i was just doing all of this out of my own interest I really never thought of a Goal that i might want to reach or get to. I was doing custom characters for good companies like Prothemer (Now themebutler) , Cheat-a-chick and more. And slowly my work was evolving but i was out of path that connected to my self.

bc740e364815efc161b21f55da384c2f Art licensing What is it ? My Artistic journey - PART1

Mascot for Cheat a Chick by one8edegree Art licensing What is it ? My Artistic journey - PART1

Read about myself as a graphics designer here

After i got married and like MOST and many of the families we came across financial difficulties i knew working on graphics is not a hobby anymore ! .  After i had 2 kids and more responsibilities and challenges of their better education came ahead i got more serious about how to turn this hobby into a profession. We started working together as One8edegree Studios (Click the link to read more about us as one8edegree)

Till now i was not going after any projects , just blogging , guest posting  and sharing freebies , managing this blog (in good old days i was earning revenue through sponsorship on this blog) and just for fun creating new sites playing around with wordpress platform i found it all getting a bit toooooo boring.

So i started selling my illustrations as Clip Arts (a term i never liked when it came to selling my illustrations ) , creating party invitations and helping my DH in running his Wall Decal business. These pet projects were keeping us busy but not really turning in good money.

I had to find a way where i can still be an ARTIST and a stay at home Mom , and earn some cash out of professionally.

I came across some lovely blogging artists who were updating their blog stream with surface design products and their own designed physical items.

Well that sounds interesting ! i thought and started searching for what they are doing .

Reading blogs to their starting archive , reading their journey although some of the artist were being generous about sharing their products but it seems that they were NOT blogging before they actually got their hands on a product designed by themselves.

And while  doing graphic designing i fell across digital stamp artists and crafters community , i loved what these ladies were doing creating hand made cards! .

recycled-card-aifactory-challenge-300x300 sept-8th-challenge-300x300

Oh i know how to draw , they are looking for digital drawings in outlines (Digital Stamps) i can do that! , i thought and spent next year creating drawings and drooled over the lovely creations these crafters made using my drawings.

anne Art licensing What is it ? My Artistic journey - PART1

Although i loved watching beautiful creations that these crafter did using my illustrations , it wasn’t paying me much! Lets face it .. it is a fact that we all need money! With kids growing it was getting harder to make ends meet day by day. We both tried with jobs on and off and after the Political and geographical hardships our country was going through there were no well paid jobs.

And when i weighed the pay offered to the time spent with my kids , i knew the answer ” I want to be around my kids!” i will feed them within means , i will send them to a slightly less fees but i want to be around them!. Which brought me back again to working from home.

So i continued searching…….

Join me next week to read about my journey , i will be sharing my next attempts in field of graphic design turning into art lincesing .

And how i am still struggling as an artist. .. joining my newsletter is a good idea to get to know when i post second episode to my story!

see you around



Character illustration for Blog or facebook profile

I have been a bit busy lately , during that busy-ness , i had fun creating these character illustrations which i would like to share with you



Isn’t she cute , with that i am so excited to share another news with you very soon , thats part of my artistic journey , i am working towards that right now and will pretty soon share it with you meanwhile enjoy the prettiness of these ladies , and oh! i am now using google plus as well so if you are an avid goolge plus fan find me there +Asmaamurad

Digital Scrapbook Day SALE 50% off


My illustrations and graphics are widely used by scrapbook artists as well ,

Digital Scrapbooking Day is officially celebrated the first Saturday in November. It was designed to
remind people to set time aside to document their personal history digitally.

so since Nov 2nd is Digital Scrapbook Day here is a 50% off sale for the scrapbook and digital artists.  Check it out  Aivault store or ETSY store!


Custom portrait illustration : custom portraits from photos client work

Custom portrait illustration : custom portraits from photos client work

I was contacted by lovely Hanna to create a Custom portrait illustration of her 1 year old daughter .  She wanted it to be illustrative style and a little bit in a kid style. in this vecotr portrait her daughter would be wearing a traditional Korean dress . I was very excited as I haven’t worked on a Korean dress illustration or any korean client for a portrait illustration.

Hanbok  or Chosŏn-ot is the traditional Korean dress. It is often characterized by vibrant colors and simple lines without pockets. A nd is worn as semi-formal or formal wear during traditional festivals and celebrations.

custom portrait illustration from photo

The portrait illustration was to be done with likeness , i would so much want to show the photo of the little girl but due to privacy of the customer i will be holding that back ( hero custom portrait was done from a photo)  . Here are the illustration that i did for her done following the brief.

Initially i started the drawing by working on the features of the girl when i was happy with it i continued developing the dress. Since this was a quick turnaround requirement , i didn’t get to spend as much time as i would have liked to spend detailing the illustration .

custom portrait illustration from photo

As compared to my previous works of Custom portrait illustrations this was a quick and simple one , yet i enjoyed working on this cute and simple one .

PS : if you are looking for a custom portrait illustration check out my illustration portfolio or get in touch with me for any inquiries




Artistic update Journal design for stationary licensing.

Its been some time since i last posted about moving to a new place and my new encounters. And i know an update is due about my entry into the Artists Competition.
Besides all this my DH n me decided to stand in Artisans Market in Dubai just to show ourselves and what we do. Overall it was a fun experience about which you can read further at our Studio blog.
All the preps for the exhibition slowed me down up till the last call of entries . We were given 21 days to come up with the artwork following the design brief and i was sitting creating it 24 hours just before the deadline. But I am glad with the final outcome as i have been brain storming and collecting resources for it since the brief.

Although i didn’t make it to the semi finals , it was an overall a nice experience and i hope to take any other similar that comes along the way.

here is my journal cover design entry with the brief of a vintage playground theme.


And here is the list of 50 semi-finalists Lovely works!

One big thing Im looking forward to …. art licensing

Yep thats one big thing i m looking forward to today  , that’s my first brief from Lilla Rogers studio! . Top art agency Lilla Rogers Studio is on the lookout for hot new creative talent! The winner will win 2 years’ representation from Lilla Rogers Studio and a host of licensing deals , and just for fun I am in it !

FB GTS header150 copy One big thing Im looking forward to .... art licensing

Today we will be getting our first brief , i will be posting about it and will be needing your input as well , will you be around?
Lets… do it … 🙂


I will be sharing my work processes and work flow through my art facebook page , join me 🙂

Monday Madness 40% off sale on illustrations , cliparts and photoshop goodies

Monday Madness 40% off sale on illustrations , cliparts and photoshop goodies sale is here! . A one day sale just for monday

Check out the collection of illustrations , clip arts , party printable , party invitations , graphics , images , digital papers , backgrounds and photoshop brushes all in the store.


Sale valid on my etsy store as well as the shop .

New Designs for Product design

I have been working on my style development and have decided to take my artwork to next level that is for product design .The process of creating these illustrations starts from sketch , then coloring and outlining in illustrator and finally Photoshop the cool friend of mine!

See below my new collection of Vintage rose collection , The image consists of layering of effects and different design elements. A few of my tools are available for download through my digital store as well.

flowers01 New Designs for Product design

flowers03 New Designs for Product design

Is it too late? Setting goals for 2012

I have been talking about this over my newsletter and have been tweeting and sharing status on Facebook , my big plans of 2012 .
They are something which might be the same as anyone who is trying to set themselves up as artists and designers. Mine are also some really basic but big ones!

1- Make enough money to cover our house hold expenses , and buy and upgrade some of my basic house office supplies , including but not limited to
a-getting a Laptop (Since i broke my laptop’s screen)
b- get a new pen tablet
c- Get a new Printer.
2- Decrease my working time and give more time to my son who had started to fall a bit behind in his studies.
3- And last but not the least get a Licensing contract.

girl ready to shop online thumb10079598 Is it too late? Setting goals for 2012

I have been exploring ground for flourishing as a freelancer , i quit my day job 4 years back and have gradually increased my monthly earning , by running my illustration store , selling illustrations through etsy , my designed Decals , getting some custom character illustrations .
My sales have gradually increased but not as much as i hoped it , I have had urges to hire help at times , to manage sites and blogs that i work on but there are things that i think , i can only , manage (which i realize is not a practical way to proceed forward ).
Keeping in view my goals for 2012 i have come across a crossroad in my career , where i am still exploring which direction i must take my work to.
Must i do character illustrations more , book illustration , expand my party invitations site or work more on my illustration store?

these are the questions that i would like to have answered.
Have you come across a cross road in your career where you find yourself lost?
Have you found your way? if yes then how?

What content would you like to see more on this blog


I need your help! , As an aivault’s reader you do know that this blog was once more active , and still gets love from some of the leading graphic design and illustration tutorials and resources blogs but it is being neglected by me 🙁 , sadly , i got distracted along the way and the blog was a bit left out .

Wanting to come back and write up again , i want to add some tutorials and more content to the blog that i learned during this time of absence.

What content would you like to see more on this blog

Since aivault had been my experience and leaning notebook , and also for others , i had been sharing what i learned new with others , i want to do that again after spending time , learning new ways to emerge as a successful artist.

In the comments below, tell me  some suggestions! . on what kind of content would you like to see on this blog.

Thank you so very much for taking time to read my blog and staying around!



sketch 10- 100 days 100 sketches -Nothing is Hard- {Personal Work}

[private]oh its been soo soo very long time ago since i wrote about or did any experimental stuff maybe thats the reason why this blog is so kinda , sort sleepy and dead 🙂

anyway yesterday which searching for solution about messy mesh points , i stumbled across some yum scripts for illustrator . Which in turn let me to more experimentation  and here is what i drew.

sketch3 sketch 10- 100 days 100 sketches -Nothing is Hard- {Personal Work}

looking at the sketch it seems that there has been some extensive vector working done here but here is the secret

the ingredients in creating the intricate patterns are two illustrator scripts  ARC twist and fleurify

i am adding the vector file for you to download here happy scripting everyone!

[download id=”97″]

Click to download

Remember not to reproduce or extract any part of this works for
derivative works without my permission.


I will be uploading more in the series to my Flickr Set 100 sketches. if you are on Flickr don’t forget to add me there

100days sketch 10- 100 days 100 sketches -Nothing is Hard- {Personal Work}

Project :- Self Exploration


sketch 9- 100 days 100 sketches -SpeachLess Free Wallpaper- {Personal Work}

[private]You might remember my last sketch , Speachless , i needed some inspirational texts to keep me motivated hence i created this wallpaper for my desktop and you can have it as well. This one is 1280×1024 px. let me know if you need any specific size .

sketch9 doodledartwork sketch 9- 100 days 100 sketches -SpeachLess Free Wallpaper- {Personal Work}flickr sketch 9- 100 days 100 sketches -SpeachLess Free Wallpaper- {Personal Work}Click to download

Remember not to reproduce or extract any part of this works for
derivative works without my permission.

I will be uploading more in the series to my Flickr Set 100 sketches. if you are on Flickr don’t forget to add me there

100days sketch 9- 100 days 100 sketches -SpeachLess Free Wallpaper- {Personal Work}

Project :- Self Exploration
Ingredients :- Damask Background Speachless Drawing , Vintage Ornate Capitals Photoshop brushes


sketch 8- 100 days 100 sketches -SpeachLess – {Personal Work}

[private]Year 2010 had been such busy year for me , during this year i really stopped writing anymore of the tutorials and got busy working for myself , getting myself ready you can say for the freelancer’s freedom. And i must say i have done it successfully . During this time i started my own online illustrations and graphics store and very successfully started getting orders for custom designs and illustrations which i like doing most!

During this time i found myself lost in creating FOR the client and started wondering if i was beginning to loose myself as an artist? … just to explore myself and the way i am going and my art is going i started 100 sketches , the idea is not really to produce all 100 sketches in coming 100 days but it is just a path to exploration  and i am so behind!! .

Yesterday i again doodled out some stuff and then started working on it having a clear idea of what artwork i am looking for so i doodled…. and got lost doodling 🙂 here is what i ended up creating.

sketch sketch 8- 100 days 100 sketches -SpeachLess - {Personal Work}

I will be uploading more in the series to my Flickr Set 100 sketches. if you are on Flickr dont forget to add me there

100days sketch 8- 100 days 100 sketches -SpeachLess - {Personal Work}

Project :- Self Exploration


Decal ideas project development as it happens .


decal logo2 Decal ideas project development as it happens .It feels so good to give your illustrations life and see them as a part of your own house. This is a new venture that i have stepped into . Wall decals are recently  becoming very much popular. I created this logo for decal ideas , along with the identity development. Since the decals are mostly about decor and lifestyles i incorporated a cool looking floral motif for this in the logo design.

Site design is still under construction but the decals are already up for sale through etsy site. You can visit the Etsy store for the designs view currently in production these designs are recreated from my illustrations as  decals .

39608 442467755810 7805010810 5889096 3432508 n Decal ideas project development as it happens .

68858 442467965810 7805010810 5889100 8225435 n Decal ideas project development as it happens .

68858 442467955810 7805010810 5889098 4641777 n Decal ideas project development as it happens .

39608 442467760810 7805010810 5889097 8105386 n Decal ideas project development as it happens .

While the site is still being created  , i wanted to create a branding theme for the whole site. The elements of supportive designs are created using hand drawn and sketched feel which will be carried out in the following website design ( i will keep you updated ) . Here is the banner for the ETSY Store that i created while staying in the precieved artistic style for the brand.Decal ideas project development as it happens .

also the Etsy Avatar to go with the whole concept

Decal ideas project development as it happens .

The requirement of the store is provide instructions and color choices here are is the design for color chart and the instructions sheet.

Whoo is in Love Custom Initials Owl Wall Decal Vinyl Art Graphics

Whoo is in Love Custom Initials Owl Wall Decal Vinyl Art Graphics

Since the site is following the sketchy feel to it , i am planning to add similar product previews something like you see below

Whoo is in Love Custom Initials Owl Wall Decal Vinyl Art Graphics

I will shortly write the design details of the website and its creation phases as it happens.. so exciting!


Day 6 Sketch 6 — 100 days 100 sketches- Watercolor painting – illustration


Day 6 Sketch 6 — 100days 100sketches

During this process of self exploration through different mediums i am these days trying out new techniques with water colors . I will be posting a few more of these in coming posts . I hope to expand my knowledge of shapes , forms and creative techniques.

IMG 4761 Day 6 Sketch 6 -- 100 days 100 sketches- Watercolor painting - illustration

100days Day 6 Sketch 6 -- 100 days 100 sketches- Watercolor painting - illustration

Project :- Self Exploration

Medium :- WaterColor and ink

Tools :- Water color

Technique: Washes and drips


Day 4 Sketch 4 : The blob in the arches

100days Day 4 Sketch 4 : The blob in the arches

Day 4 Sketch 4 — 100days 100sketches

My dad just returned from a trip to Tashkand , yesterday i was going through his very interesting trip’s photos . This city in rich in its architectural content one particular photo that captured my attention was the architectural of a gate.crafted during Amir Taimour Era.

The just look at the awesomeness of the intricate detail of carvings and the placing of the niches.

090820101123 Day 4 Sketch 4 : The blob in the arches

i have always been fascinated by arches and niches these are somehow a perfect artistic form and evolves into different forms and shapes if you just look at it deeply. I created a vector experiment starting from a blob and then formed different niches and arches finally the vector work was taken into photoshop and textured. Below is the vector rendering (which you can download as part of 100 sketches series till available) this is followed by my finished textured artwork.

arches niches1 Day 4 Sketch 4 : The blob in the arches

growsww Day 4 Sketch 4 : The blob in the arches

Project :- Self Exploration

Medium :- Drawing in illustrator , editing in photoshop

Tools :- Drips and Splatters Vectors

Technique: playing with shapes and forms

Download the source Vector file! ( Limited to 10 Downloads Only)

Author: Asmaa’

Software: Adobe illustrator

Downloaded:-[download id=”75″ format=”5″]

[private] [download id=”75″ format=”3″][/private]

Category: [download id=”75″ format=”7″]

Terms of use: [download id=”75″ format=”6″]

Description:[download id=”75″ format=”4″]

Day 3 Sketch 3 : Fresh Artwork playing with textures

100days Day 3 Sketch 3 : Fresh Artwork playing with textures

Day 3 Sketch 3 — 100days 100sketches

fresh4 Day 3 Sketch 3 : Fresh Artwork playing with textures

Project :- Self Exploration

Medium :- Drawing in flash , coloring in illustrator , editing in photoshop

Tools :- mesh tool for coloring

Technique: playing with rich textures , clip shapes and strokes

Related Tutorials :An intro to mesh tool,My Process of Coloring illustrations using mesh and knife tool

Download the source PSD Layered file! ( Limited to 10 Downloads Only)

Author: Asmaa’

Software: Adobe Photoshop

Downloaded:-[download id=”74″ format=”5″]

[private] [download id=”74″ format=”3″][/private]

Category: [download id=”74″ format=”7″]

Terms of use: [download id=”74″ format=”6″]

Description:[download id=”74″ format=”4″]

Recent project : Logo for Alfurqan Islamic Center


I just had to skip my regular post of 100 sketches due to few logo jobs which needed to be finished . One of them was Logo for Alfurqan Islamic Center . With not an ideal time frame in hand this job was to be delivered within 1 hour!. Luckily the client was happy with the very first and initial review sent to them. Here is what i came up with hope you like it too.

logo trans Recent project : Logo for Alfurqan Islamic Center
Recent project : Logo for Alfurqan Islamic Center


Day 2 Sketch 2 : A Day in Snow

100days Day 2 Sketch 2 : A Day in SnowDay 2 Sketch 2 — 100days 100sketches

prev2 Day 2 Sketch 2 : A Day in Snow

Project :- Self Exploration

Medium :- Drawing in flash , coloring in illustrator

Tools :- Artistic brushes in illustrator , mesh tool for coloring

Technique: Trying out Layers of transparencies to achieve a rich effect

Textures :-Textures for the final preview from HERE

Download the source file! ( Limited to 10 Downloads Only)

Author: Asmaa’

Software: Adobe illustrator

Downloaded:-[download id=”73″ format=”5″]

[private] [download id=”73″ format=”3″][/private]

Category: [download id=”73″ format=”7″]

Terms of use: [download id=”73″ format=”6″]

Description:[download id=”73″ format=”4″]

Day 1 Sketch 1 lets play 100 days 100 sketches

2 years back i posted a series of 100 illustrations in 30 days , i had lots and lots of time free in my hand i guess! LOL and i did accomplished that , what this speed illustrations did was wonderful.. the outcome of speed illustrations not only opened up understanding of tools for me but definitely helped me increase my illustrations speed…
I guess self exploration never ends , only if you start to explore… I am working on a new project now , which involves self exploration in whatever media i feel like exploring … coloring , painting , sketching , digital … just anything i need to find what suits me the best.

You are invited to follow me on this quest and criticize my work if you can find some time in your hands.

Each illustration or work will be available for downloads limited to 20 !

You can follow the updates through my RSS feed Or Check back very often to grab the Downloads , IF i am working on a Photoshop project you will be able to download PSD layered files if illustrator then Vector files , eps 8 for your ease of use.

Here i am with

Day 1 Sketch 1

prev1 Day 1 Sketch 1 lets play 100 days 100 sketches

Medium :- Drawing in flash , coloring in illustrator

Tools :- Artistic brushes in illustrator

Textures :-Textures for the final preview from HERE

Download the source file! ( Limited to 20 Downloads Only)

Author: Asmaa’

Software: Adobe illustrator

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Custom Work : Process illustration BITCH inc

[private]This one is one of  the most recent Custom illustration works which was really fun to do! wondering what is this BITCH inc is ? wait till i explain it to you and you will be surprised how creative these people went with the name! and then wait ….their  illustration request  was even more “strange” for me !

BITCH stands for Babe in Total Charge Of Herself  here is the link to their site .

The request was to create a custom character somewhat like the little girl riding a bike which already graces their home page . The Little girl had to be in total control of the bike which is too big for herself , while being naked(in a discreet way)

I was given a few reference photographs to work with .



After a few initial sketches we decided on the way and the place where she would appear . Luckily we didn’t have to follow round of sketches the initial sketch was approved and was agreed upon for final rendering. Here is the initial sketch which we agreed upon.


After the finalization of sketch i started converting it , with just 2-3 rounds of reviews we got what we wanted!

It was fun working on this illustration as i was allowed to freely work on this . I tried to give it every bit of feminine feel to the whole illustration as i could . And i really loved the final outcome. final

Want to know more about BITCH inc? Visit their site.

all images are copyrighted to BITCH inc please don’t reproduce or copy without owner’s consent


FaceLifting and a new direction for Aivault

[private]For those of you who have been regularly visiting Aivault have seen that we have changed many faces since the launch in Nov2007. And here i am again with a new face for Aivault but this time i felt that with my own growth Aivault also needed a new step forward. AiVault is now Artistic Inspirations , i would love to share my experiences and works not only limited to vector and illustration , thus aivault will now be more full of content which every graphic designer might need!.

We are now officially selling illustrations and graphics at our Store , Aifactory .We will be now officially offering FREE contents every week! so if you have not yet subscribed to the site you can do now!. We will be giving away quality professional photoshop brushes , vector brushes , vector packs and much more! and beside them once in a while few tips for the artist in you.

in order to bring a better experience to the readers  i need your little help.If you are encountering broken links , file missing errors , kindly report to me so i can fix them. Thank you again for supporting Aivault and making it one of the popular sites ![/private]

Lets go for a Test Drive! : Competition

[private]driveOk here is a little contest that i have been wanting to launch for quite a while now!. As most of  AiVault readers already know that we have been working really hard for setting up the new version of the store i thought it is time for introduce it to you as well as arrange a little giveaway too! (more…)

Swans for Peace : Digital Illustrations Series : PRINT 1

[private]swan Swans for Peace : Digital Illustrations Series : PRINT 1It is time to do an exhibition of work ! For so long i wanted to do a digital painting exhibition of work . And once again i am setting my mind up for it. Since i got caught up into doing more work for money i painted and i illustrated less for that “peace of mind”… . But here is a new series of works evolving from my past experience with digital tools. (more…)

Holiday Promotion from Adobe!

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Prothemer Mascot design

[private]pro Prothemer Mascot designThree months back i was contacted by people at joomlajunkie to come up with a mascot for Prothemer website. With a couple of initial sketches and drafts followed by reviews we come up with a happy smiling , cool looking guy for Prothermer site. (more…)

15 Premium Memberships up for grab

[private]Today i have nothing much to do , i am dead tired and weekend is coming which makes me more bored and tired 🙁 . It is so difficult to keep away from the computer! . As all of the users already know  , that is Registered users ( 750 of them!!) that aiVault has gone premium with access to tutorial source files and vector downloads. I have a great give away in my hands!  i am giving away a FREE PREMIUM MEMBERSHIP! for one month   to 15  Creative Comments . (more…)

Stich n Sew Embroidery inspired ID tool box


Preview ID ToolBox |
Presenting Stich n Sew for the crafty people out there . The collection contains stiching inspired symbols buttons , stitches and patterns . Just drag and drop symbols where ever you like these symbols are vectors so will scale to any size . The pack is perfect to use in one theme or you can use the symbols where ever you want. The patterns are repeated and can be adjusted by the stroke size also change the stroke colour and they change the Whole colour scheme . once you open up this tool box sets you are ready to go and create something of the same theme! . Once you are finished creating your artwork . Expand the final result by going to object > Expand appearence to be able to scale it to anysize without losing quality or effect or drag and drop symbols or brushes
expand and paste into photoshop.
The possibilities of creating images is endless
Stich n Sew Id Tool box contains.
29  Stiching  Inspired symbols embroidered flowers of pathwork , with seam line , buttons to drag and drop and leaves to add to any bunch of patch and embroidery flower you make.
9 Line brushes Stich strength of 6 which can be applied to any of your image or work to give an effect of stiched and embroidered!
5 pattern swathces create a square or a shape and fill with the desired pattern swatch
All in all 43 Tools in one set!

Designer Tip :-create simple flowers or any object go to object>path>ofset path set to your desired ofset ie  3pixels  and drop the stich brush to it and your object now has stiched on effect!

compatable with CS2 or above window and mac
Price:- Only 10 USD
[private]Download HERE:-[download id=”42″][/private]

Unzip the File. for installing symbols click on the small arrow icon attached to your symbols pallett Select open symbol library browse to your file and open . Same way you can open brushes library.
Unzip the File. for installing symbols drop files in the programe>adobe illustrator > presets > Brushes / symbol folder restart illustrator!

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