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I have been a bit busy lately , during that busy-ness , i had fun creating these character illustrations which i would like to share with you



Isn’t she cute , with that i am so excited to share another news with you very soon , thats part of my artistic journey , i am working towards that right now and will pretty soon share it with you meanwhile enjoy the prettiness of these ladies , and oh! i am now using google plus as well so if you are an avid goolge plus fan find me there +Asmaamurad

Custom portrait illustration : custom portraits from photos client work

Custom portrait illustration : custom portraits from photos client work

I was contacted by lovely Hanna to create a Custom portrait illustration of her 1 year old daughter .  She wanted it to be illustrative style and a little bit in a kid style. in this vecotr portrait her daughter would be wearing a traditional Korean dress . I was very excited as I haven’t worked on a Korean dress illustration or any korean client for a portrait illustration.

Hanbok  or Chosŏn-ot is the traditional Korean dress. It is often characterized by vibrant colors and simple lines without pockets. A nd is worn as semi-formal or formal wear during traditional festivals and celebrations.

custom portrait illustration from photo

The portrait illustration was to be done with likeness , i would so much want to show the photo of the little girl but due to privacy of the customer i will be holding that back ( hero custom portrait was done from a photo)  . Here are the illustration that i did for her done following the brief.

Initially i started the drawing by working on the features of the girl when i was happy with it i continued developing the dress. Since this was a quick turnaround requirement , i didn’t get to spend as much time as i would have liked to spend detailing the illustration .

custom portrait illustration from photo

As compared to my previous works of Custom portrait illustrations this was a quick and simple one , yet i enjoyed working on this cute and simple one .

PS : if you are looking for a custom portrait illustration check out my illustration portfolio or get in touch with me for any inquiries




Custom Work : Process illustration BITCH inc

[private]This one is one of  the most recent Custom illustration works which was really fun to do! wondering what is this BITCH inc is ? wait till i explain it to you and you will be surprised how creative these people went with the name! and then wait ….their  illustration request  was even more “strange” for me !

BITCH stands for Babe in Total Charge Of Herself  here is the link to their site .

The request was to create a custom character somewhat like the little girl riding a bike which already graces their home page . The Little girl had to be in total control of the bike which is too big for herself , while being naked(in a discreet way)

I was given a few reference photographs to work with .



After a few initial sketches we decided on the way and the place where she would appear . Luckily we didn’t have to follow round of sketches the initial sketch was approved and was agreed upon for final rendering. Here is the initial sketch which we agreed upon.


After the finalization of sketch i started converting it , with just 2-3 rounds of reviews we got what we wanted!

It was fun working on this illustration as i was allowed to freely work on this . I tried to give it every bit of feminine feel to the whole illustration as i could . And i really loved the final outcome. final

Want to know more about BITCH inc? Visit their site.

all images are copyrighted to BITCH inc please don’t reproduce or copy without owner’s consent


Prothemer Mascot design

[private]pro Prothemer Mascot designThree months back i was contacted by people at joomlajunkie to come up with a mascot for Prothemer website. With a couple of initial sketches and drafts followed by reviews we come up with a happy smiling , cool looking guy for Prothermer site. (more…)