Totally Sketched Social Media Icon Pack


This Free Icon Pack is for use in your personal and commercial projects, and can be used without attribution. It may not be redistributed.

Included in this pack are three sizes , 128 , 68 and 48 pixels. These are black transparent outlines which can be added to an interested background for a final effect eg , torn paper , burnt paper , sketch pad or canvas backgrounds. You are free to use them in your commercial projects but not allowed to resell them .

previcons Totally Sketched Social Media Icon Pack

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Totally Sketched Social Media Icon Pack

[download id=”78″ format=”3″]

Author: Asmaa’

Web site: Aifactory Graphics

Software: Adobe illustrator

Downloaded:-[download id=”78″ format=”5″]

Category: [download id=”78″ format=”7″]

Terms of use: [download id=”78″ format=”6″]

Description:[download id=”78″ format=”4″]

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Free illustration Thursday :- Business icons for web and graphics

[private]Here is another free vector illustration these are very practical business icons in a series , of free illustrations posted previously as well . use them for your personal projects . Silver and gold members are allowed to use this in commercial projects as well….

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[download id=”67″]

Author:Asmaa’ Murad
Web site:Aifactory Graphics
Software: Adobe illustrator
Category: Vector Eps Files
Terms of use: Show Info
File Format: [download id=”67″ format=”13″]
Description:[download id=”67″ format=”4″]
Free for Personal and Commercial Use

This is a vector file you will require a vector editing software to edit and open the file in

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