Pinterest Top Picks: Most Pinned and Popular Vector and illustrator Tutorials

Pinterest Top Picks: Most Pinned and Popular Vector and illustrator Tutorials

Pinterest is said to be gaining more popularity with Crafter or Creative minds .

Just recently trend of Artists pinning boards for their inspiration has started to pop up.

I have found Pinterest to be a very useful tool for information sharing .

As for Graphic Artists and Designers seeking inspiration , i am yet to see a MORE PINNING trend . Anyhow i have created a board with some of the Most Pinned and Popular Vector and illustrator Tutorials.

I will find tutorials with more than atleast 10 pins already to be on this board. You can follow the board or check back this page often to get the latest of trending tutorials. Check it out…



Pinterest Top Picks: Most Pinned and Popular Vector and illustrator Tutorials

10 Plus Color inspiration links to follow

Color Recipes

With food as your inspiration, you have all the RIGHT color choices served up for you from soup to nuts or should I say from foyer to kitchen and everything in between!

a unique approach to design blogging through my passion for color.

COLOURlovers is a creative community where people from around the world create
and share colors, palettes and patterns, discuss the latest trends and explore colorful
articles… All in the spirit of love.


This blog is all about celebrating the tiny details that make life so amazing and looking to find beauty in the unexpected

Founded in 2008, The Perfect Palette is a blog dedicated to exploring the color palette possibilities for weddings and parties as well as a place to find fun and creative wedding ideas! From inspiration boards, to color tips, The Perfect Palette is all about sharing ways that color can be used to bring creative party planning ideas to life.

Color inspiration Pinterest Boards to follow

Need some design inspiration? Come enjoy my Mood boards, they’ll help you capture a look.



Color Inspiration


Keboto – Branded Colors


A Great new learning Resource Pinterest

A Great new learning Resource Pinterest

Where ever you stand in the world of Pinterest in image sharing and designing , I find Pinterest is a Time Suck and addictive tool to get some arty inspirations.

I like pinterest as i find it a window to creative works and inspirations that are just a click away!

Pinterest helps you find ideas , concepts , finds and creativity from all around collected by people all around the globe together in one place , and it is such an explosive outlet if you know how to use it wisely as well. It is FREE  too .

Get in the habit of finding some real inspiration by searching for keywords like “graphic design” “illustration” and “design resources” . You will find tons of new inspirational websites , full of tutorials , articles and resources.

Our latest and interesting findings are

Source: via Anna on Pinterest

Source: via Angela on Pinterest

Get in the conversation. Do you use Social media sites for learning and exploring purpose , if yes then how?

Pinterest Top Picks: Most Pinned and Popular Vector and illustrator Tutorials

A Collection of Free Mascot Character illustrations


Vector Doctors Set by Design TNT

This set contains 20 vector doctor mascots with interchangeable eyes and mouths. There are thousands of possibilities, simply select a body, a pair of eyes and a mouth, place them together and your mascot is ready to be used

Business Man Vector Characters by Pixeden

Great and versatile pack of 14 cartoon business man characters. Ideal to illustrate any product, services or software features. Need some other pose? You can create your custom character easily with every element ready to be put together according to your needs.

Vector Manga Avatar Faces by Pixeden

Create any face and expression   easily with this complete package.  Head, hair, mouth, eye, arms,   clothes, position can be mixed together  for near infinite   possibilities. Or you can choose one of the 31 ready  made cartoon  characters.  Ideal to make a fun manga vector avatar

Free Vector Character – The Programmer

A free vector Character Programmer by AnimHuT

Free Vector Mascot

This set contains 4 vector elements from our premium vector sets and you can download them absolutely free of charge!

Free Mascot By Sos Factory

A guy holding a movie camera , is a mascot by sos factory , which was sadly the victim of the non paying clients .


Character Freebie by Vector tuts

This guy comes in various poses and various styles download eps and ai file for your use.

Designer vector illustration by

A cool designer illustration, a fancy way to say Hello! to your new visitors ! … created in adobe illustrator and as usual, including vector sources.

Free Vector Mascot – MogPanda and BunnyThief

Free Vector Character to spice up your design. 

The Guy Mascot Character

A small guy mascot character with watery eyes 🙂

Free Vector Character – RSS Orb Girl

One of the mansy Free Vactor Characters offered by petshopboxstudio


Pinterest Top Picks: Most Pinned and Popular Vector and illustrator Tutorials

Dose of inspiration : Artistically illustrated infographics


Source: via Dorey on Pinterest



Source: via Mayra on Pinterest

Source: via Barrett on Pinterest

Source: via Shawnz on Pinterest

Source: via Blake on Pinterest

Source: via Kelley on Pinterest



Pinterest Top Picks: Most Pinned and Popular Vector and illustrator Tutorials

Brush up your creativity Artistic inspirations # 003

[private]This post is part of a weekly series showcasing inspiration in creativity when i set myself up to create something i always look around and try to find inspiration in everyday objects , not just looking at the graphical inspirations . I hope you will enjoy these posts for Vector inspirations Check out the Flickr group of Aivault.