[private]My personal interest range from cooking , interior , blogging , designing , sewing and everything that has to do anything with creativity. And there are so many inspirational findings out there , when i set myself up to create something i always look around and try to find inspiration in everyday objects , not just looking at the graphical inspirations. So at times i am just so thrilled and excited to see creativity that i am overwhelmed !. But this helps me brush up my creativity and think beyond the regular and ordinary … i hope this makes sense.. LOL 🙂 . Anyway Since you must have noticed that i am coming back to blogging now and i have plans 🙂 , yes i do! , i hope to stick to these creative adventures that i have all planned in front of me . Anyway i will share with you today and in the coming weeks some inspirational findings just to boost up my and your creativity ( provided that if this interests you ofcourse) . So today when i sat myself up in front of this wonderful window to the creative world here is what i found and loved.

Latest in Home Office Home Design Photos

I love ALL these setup work from home offices , these days i am looking for ways to make my workspace more workable so this is a cool collection of all interesting workspaces.click here to go to full collection

contemporary home office by Feldman Architecture, Inc.

eclectic home office by SFGIRLBYBAY

contemporary home office by Marie

home office by Vanessa De Vargas

The Giant Golden Book of Birds

Illustrated by Arthur Singer published by Golden press , 1962 this Book of birds holds some very nice detailed vintage illustrations , perfect source of inspiration for my next vintage inspired project . Vintage Kids Books Talks about this book over here

bird5 Brush up your creativity #001bird6 Brush up your creativity #001bird7 Brush up your creativity #001bird8 Brush up your creativity #001Top 10 Handy WordPress PDF Plugins

WordPressLogo Brush up your creativity #001A cool collection of Handy wordpress PDF plugins complied byinvestintech

Create realistic glossy glass tomatoes with liquid in them

Waaay tooo cool tutorial from Alfoart.com Check it out!

Shiny glass yellow tomatoes with colorfull liquid inside and splashing effect.Create realistic glossy glass tomatoes with liquid in them, make reflections and shadows


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