16 Places to Sell stock photos and illustrations


A quick google search would probably give you tons of websites to sell stock photos and illustrations from.

How I started to sell Stock photos and illustrations and why you should too.

It all started way back around 12 years ago when once i was sitting in front of my computer clueless and projects less . Nothing to work on and no idea to where to get work from.


That’s when i started to think backward , by backward I mean i wondered from where all the cool illustrations and graphics coming from that we used to buy for our projects. Not aware that I could too sell stock photos online as a side hustle and bring in some extra income.  At that time I was working in a telecom company and my job was to create multimedia sms . I would score the internet looking for inspiration and graphics to use . But to tell you the truth the job was 9-5 and not much fun.

As i wondered from where these graphics coming from I now looked at the source sites with a different eye . As I looked i found a little button saying Contributor / Sell Stock Photos. Now what was that I had no idea. I clicked on that and read it through and signed up and after that soon my graphic design profession took another turn.

I was soon crazily creating illustrations and uploading them to multiple contributing website. Since photography is not my jam and I know I am good at Adobe illustrator I knew that I could also make money online if I start and sell stock illustrations. The day that i earned my first $.30 was such an encouraging day. I was “Freelancing” earning for myself !. How satisfying this $.30 was ! I was hooked!.

And then I started looking further for more sites to contribute my stock illustrations and sell photos online !. And pretty soon my portfolio was up at 5 websites and i was waiting for my first image sale and I was earning form myself. It started from $.30 from each image sale and now the whole process has grown into my very own website for graphics you can check out my custom cliparts for sale here

The good that came out of all this is a satisfaction of being ones own boss and alongside client based custom illustration jobs.

I would like to share a few websites that I have contributed in the past and hope that it might open doors for opportunity for someone else as well. If you are wondering how I market my portfolio of images on sale through  these websites you might want to look at how I promote it using Pinterest on autopilot. I have now been selling stock photos for a while now , and have also successfully used my own creations to create products and sell digital products and photos online.

Check out my tips on driving traffic to your products right here Or if you are just starting out and looking for a way to get started then read my post on How to start selling Art online for some guidance and direction.

Sell stock photos and illustrations make money online

So what it means to sell stock photos online?

Simply put, stock imagery means any art that already exists and is ready to use. A stock agency curates a library of images on large number of subjects and licenses those images to customers. People often refer to “stock photography,” but “stock” can refer to any type of visual content, including photos, videos, or illustrations.

below are some of the stock sites that i have personally used in the past during my obsession with stock image contribution. These are in order of revenue that i generated and still generate from them.

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Selling Photos online as a beginner

1- Dreamstime ( You can sell stock photos and illustrations)

sell stock photos and illustrations

You can sell stock photos , Vector illustrations and various design elements from this website. After you apply as a contributor you are provided an ftp area as well as upload interface.
If you are uploading vector files then you need to save them as EPS files . I have shared a post about how to prepare file as an eps for submission a while back . That can be accessed here.

Here are some examples of my work at Dreamstime

468x60 3 16 Places to Sell stock photos and illustrations

2- Shutterstock

1 16 Places to Sell stock photos and illustrations

sell stock photos and illustrations

Shutterstock has been one of my favs when i started uploading work. The uploading process used to be a bit simpler but still it is not too techy. Once you are on the site the Become a contributor button is on the top right. Shutterstock sell royalty-free images, footage, vectors and illustrations. You can apply to be a contributor here.
For me shutterstock had been a favorite one because they don’t pressure you into exclusively distributing images or video . Your content is yours to control to maximize your selling opportunities and profit.

1305 920029 16 Places to Sell stock photos and illustrations1305 16 Places to Sell stock photos and illustrations

3-istock by Getty images ( accepting to sell stock photos and illustrations)

sell stock photos and illustrations

(15% Off Annual Subscriptions for All Customers when you decide to use my link)

Why you wont find my portfolio on istock ? it is simply because you have to be an exclusive with them to start selling. And if you are an exclusive then in my opinion going to the road of stock imagery and earning from a multiple streams becomes a bit difficult. But hands down istock is one of the best stock photo website out there. Though it is a bit difficult to be accepted to sell stock photos but once you get in chances are you will do good!

4- Creative Market ( Sell Stock Photos, illustrations and templates)

sell stock photos and illustrations

I love this place, if you are ready to bundle your creations and are ready to create some awesome resources for designers and artists then you might want to consider joining creative Market

Although I have a very small portfolio there but I do continue to get commission every month, maybe if I get serious posting new content I will be able to increase monthly revenue coming from this website. It has a lot of potential.

Creative market is more of a full content resource website , from where you can take a step further and start selling templates , themes , fonts and other resources too. I love the simplicity of creative market and I see a great potential in selling through creative market BUT if you package your content well.

6- Graphic River ( Envato Marketplace, you can sell stock photos illustrations and other graphic design resources)

sell stock photos and illustrations

Graphic river has been in the industry for a while now and has proved to be a good resource for graphics. I personally like to buy through creative market when it comes to themes resources and fonts. But Graphic river is a good competition and has turned a lot of sales for me over the years. My portfolio is really really very small over there but still I get a small chunk of money now and then.

4415 829436 16 Places to Sell stock photos and illustrations4415 16 Places to Sell stock photos and illustrations


Update: Fotolia recently closed and partnered up with Adobe Stock Contributor and my portfolio was automatically shifted there

I currently plan to take my graphics down from fotolia , reason you ask? at times fotolia used to bring sales that ranged from $5-$10 each graphics . But lately I have noticed that their royalty has fallen down to $0.30  , just rechecked gone down to $0.25 . It seems that they have sold out rights to images to some other websites as well , as I have found my images being sold from there on couple of other “unknown” , websites as well that sell stock images.

8- Etsy

Alright so Etsy is hands down i have found to be just ok among many mentioned above . The amount of images that you sell through Etsy needs additional advertising on your part . While when you are selling through stock photography websites 1-7 all you need to know is better keywording . But once you start selling through etsy you must be aware of ways to drive traffic to your shop , SEO , social media marketing and more. Check out the blog post where I share how to monetize your shop by updating your listings.

Learn which products you can sell on Etsy

Claim 40 Free Listings to start selling on Etsy



sell stock photos and illustrations

Zazzle in my opinion can drive you more earnings if you have a potential of visualizing your products on various products. You can upload any of your graphics and then using bulk tool create multiple products ranging from stationary to homeware or more. Despite the fact that I am no longer creating many products through Zazzle but my Birthday invitations store and Art Prints shop are giving me an extra income.

Last but not the least there are a few more websites through which you can sell your photography stock imagery and graphic design resources. these are …

Bonus Stock Photo Websites for free Marketing

Stock photo website that are not so monsters in industry t are a good way to get additional eyes on your portfolio you can become a contributor as a free provider.

  • Unsplash
  • Pexels
  • Pixabay

Just like etsy Artfire gives you ability to host digital content for instant downloads but then you have to work extra to drive traffic to your shop . That can or may include your social media skills to sell art online .

sell stock photos and illustrations

Shutterstock Free Trial, download and Coupon codes 2023

Shutterstock Free Trial, download and Coupon codes 2022

If you are looking for Shutterstock free trial so or free download and coupon codes for 2022 then you are definately at the right place. I have compiled a list of coupon codes ranging from 25 off, 50 off or simply free video , audio or image downloads. This page is going to be a living breathing document where i will make sure to keep them updated and are the latest and best collection of Coupon codes for shutterstock that you can find anywhere else.

For the designers out there who are always looking for latest stock photo unique images for their product design needs shutterstock is my favorite place. I have already written about how you can sell stock photos through these website and other tutorials on submitting image on these website as a designer and how you can make money selling stock photos, vectors and photographs but today i am sharing with you the latest coupon codes and free download links for shutterstock.

1305 920029 Shutterstock Free Trial, download and Coupon codes 20231305 Shutterstock Free Trial, download and Coupon codes 2023

1- Shutterstock Free Trial

Start downloading stock photo images, videos and illustrations risk free , your first 10 images are free to download here is how this offer works.

• Try the Shutterstock 10 images/month plan for free.
• If you cancel within the first month, you pay nothing.
Click here to get the code that you can use at checkout.*

1305 1174368 Shutterstock Free Trial, download and Coupon codes 20231305 Shutterstock Free Trial, download and Coupon codes 2023

2-Premium Beat by Shutterstock

Know you’ll need music? Now’s the time—and it’s moving fast. Get 20% off all tracks with code FAST20.

1305 1440993 Shutterstock Free Trial, download and Coupon codes 20231305 Shutterstock Free Trial, download and Coupon codes 2023

Beige Minimalist Business Pinterest Pin Shutterstock Free Trial, download and Coupon codes 2023


Shutterstock Free Trial, download and Coupon codes 2022

1305 Shutterstock Free Trial, download and Coupon codes 2023

Best Digital Products to Sell on Etsy

What are the Best Digital Products to Sell on Etsy?

Etsy is a marketplace that has very quickly gained popularity among the digital etsy sellers. I have compiled a list of 10 top digital downloads on Etsy that are the most popular ones among buyers and sellers.

Best Digital Products to sell on Etsy

If you are looking for a way to create a side hustle by selling digital products then you are in the right place as this list will serve as your go to guide with all that you need to know.

Need to start an Etsy shop? : Claim 40 Free Etsy Listings

“Note: Affiliate links may be used in this post. I may receive a small commission at no extra cost to you if you make a purchase through my affiliate link. Read my full disclosure policy here.”

1- Canva Templates

Canva templates digital product Best Digital Products to Sell on Etsy

Canva Templates are one of the top selling digital product on Etsy. Since Canva is widely used and easy to use, simple and free graphic design tool for Artists and Creators it has become one of the widely used platform for experienced and novice graphic designers.

10068 811171 Best Digital Products to Sell on Etsy10068 Best Digital Products to Sell on Etsy

How to Deliver a Canva Template as a Digital downloadable product ?

I have switched to Canva for 80% of my graphic deign jobs. Creating a digital download template in Canva is really easy.

all you have to do is to share the link to template create in Canva and upload and list it on Etsy.

Passiveinocme 1 Best Digital Products to Sell on Etsy

Creating beautiful mockups of the final preview of the download in action is a must. Over the years I have created and sold my own templates created in cava on Creative Market and Etsy.

Here is an Example

Loading Preview…

Powered by Creative Market

How to share a Canva Template as a digital Download

After you have finished creating the template just go to share > then go to template > Canva will generate a link for you to share.

Step 1  : Create template design click on share

top etsy digital downloads Best Digital Products to Sell on Etsy

Step 1 : Click on template and copy the template link to share .

top etsy digital downloads2 Best Digital Products to Sell on Etsy

Simply add it to your downloadable file delivery, I prefer to create a beautiful PDF file that also gives instructions on how to use the template.

When anyone clicks on this template link that is inserted inside the pdf file they will be directed to Canva where they can make a copy and use the template.

Adopt their design into a brand new product make it editable and sell it on Etsy or any other platform or website

[mailerlite_form form_id=7]

Some of the top digital products categories of Canva Templates.

  • Cookbook templates
  • Canva template education
  • instagram templates
  • Facebook Header & Facbook posts Templates in Canva
  • Order forms
  • Coloring Book
  • Gift tag
  • Planner kits and Templates
  • Proposal Templates
  • Webinar Slides Presentations
  • Budget Planner Template
  • Journal Template

2- Printable Planners

If you are a planner girl like me then you know that how addictive planners can be. Once you get into the habbit of using planners then you just cant stop.

I have planners for everything ! ,

Even though I create printable planners myself I cant help myself and buy a few from other sellers as well. There are tons of ideas and creative planners that are perfect for various areas of your life.

digital planners Best Digital Products to Sell on Etsy

If you are student then at some point of your life you must have felt the need to manage your course material and study pattern.

Hence student binders and planners come in handy.

If you are a homemaker or homeschooling mom then you definitely need parenting and home management planners and pintables.

if you are small business owner then you might already have used or interested in using business planners that help to manage your online store and small business.

In short there is always a need for a planner in every area of ones life and it is being filled by creators. Etsy is one of the best resource if you are a planner girl and it is also one of the best seller digital download product.

Best selling digital planner printable ideas on Etsy.

  • Wedding Planner Templates
  • Business planner printable social media
  • Self Care Planner Printable
  • Weekly Planner Printable v
  • Adhd Planner Printable
  • Weekly Planner Printable 
  • Baby shower planner printable
  • Vacation planner 
  • Study Planner 
  • Social Media Planners
  • Monthly Planners
  • Daily Planner 
  • Budget Planner
  • Home School Planner
  • House Hold Planner 
  • Wedding Planner 
  • Teacher planner printable happy planner
  • self care planner printable 
  • teacher planner printable preschool
  • Small Business planner printable

[mailerlite_form form_id=4]

3- Events & Invitations

Throughout the year there are various events, either it is Valentines day, Mothers Day, Fathers Day, Birthday or Wedding Day. There is always a need for a printable invitation or a party decoration printable.


Events is another category of digital downloads on Esty that is well saturated but still makes a lot of money for the sellers.

A few of the best selling Esty shops are selling wedding and birthday invitations.

The sweet spot of earning more through selling digital printable invitations is when you decide a sub niche in events category.

From a variety of events birthday, kids birthdays or weddings, your Esty shop success is dependent upon how you can niche it down, since this is a really big category it is advisable to niche it down as much as possible.

Just like Canva Templates, as a digital seller you can design an invitation in photoshop or Canva and list the design on Etsy.

Once a design is purchased and you receive an order the final file delivery is done with the required edits done to the final file.

There are other platforms and services that link seamlessly with Etsy for seling process ease. These services are similar to Canva but developed entirely for a buyers perspective.

Once you sign up to these services as a seller, you will upload your invitation design to their designer hub. When an order is placed an instant file delivery link is emailed to the buyer. Through that link they can view, edit text and downloads the final file. For Example Corjil & Templett

7443 1480878 Best Digital Products to Sell on Etsy7443 Best Digital Products to Sell on Etsy

However there are stores that offer the manual design services as well, as sometimes clients do not want to spend time over edits and this way they have access to a graphic designer who will make final edits to the file and send a printable file.

Wedding Invitation Categories that sell the most on Etsy

Printable Wedding invitations
Wedding invitation with QR code
Wedding Planners
Wedding Planner Printable KDP
Wedding Planner Checklist
Wedding invitation kits
Wedding Signature Drinks
Wedding Signs
Minimalist Table Numbers Printable
Wedding Address Label Template
Wedding Budget
Wedding Program Maroon
Reception Games

Top Kids birthday Themes that sell well on Etsy

Over the years I created many cliparts and graphics that I used to create my own printables kids birthday invitations. Here are some of the best selling digital invitations categories and themes.

Water & Pool Party
Video invitation Birthday kids
kids birthday invitation text
Princess theme Kids Birthday Invitations
Mermaids Birthday Invitations
Water & Pool Theme
Animal Theme Birthday invitations
Kids Golf Birthday invitation

Get Started selling Birthday invitations using these commercial use graphics and cliparts

4- Coloring Books

Coloring books are one of the categories that sell very well as digital downloads on Etsy. The best sellers include simple printable coloring pages for kids and detailed intricate drawings in black and white available as a download.

printable coloring pages for adults pdf Best Digital Products to Sell on Etsy

Someone interested in Coloring Pages will purchase it once and print as many as they like. Being a coloring enthusiast this is a gold mine for a person like me. So as a creator and a seller this is also a great opportunity to make money selling my drawings.

5- Social Media Templates

After Creative Market , Etsy is the second largest resource for Social Media Templates. Some are made in Canva , infact most of these are now available as Canva themplates, as they are easy to modify and anyone with a little or no graphic design knowledge can easily modify them and save tons of time.

Social media templates are often sold as a bundle over at Etsy, this saves a lot of time if you are on multiple channels on social media. The buyer is mostly looking for a good template that they can easily modify and use quickly as the need arrises.

6- Business Resources

Another category of printables that sell well on Etsy is Business and Work planners, templates and workbooks. This is also a great find especially for small business.

business templates Best Digital Products to Sell on Etsy

During my recent research I found that Business Templates resources for Realtors is in high demand and not many sellers. Making it a perfect niche if you are thinking about making money selling printable resources.

Here are a few of the popular themes in business templates that are popular.

Excel Sheet for measurements,
Invoice Templates
Business Card Templates
Business Signs
Logo Designs

7- Wall Art

Etsy is a gold mine of Art Prints, this means two things one that you have a perfect market available right at your fingertips if you are looking to sell Printable Wall Art, Canvas art or Art prints through Etsy.

Having said that while there is opportunity the competition is high as well, there are so many artists and galleries that are selling wall art and art prints on Etsy. These range from fun nursery decor printables, to Abstract and Geometric , realistic and imagenary.

Should you decide to dip your toes in this side of selling printables, I would suggest that you should narrow down your products aiming to provide art to a smaller niche. This could be modern nursery wall arts, Abstract paintings , Calligraphy art or personalized or customized art prints.

It wouldnt be a wise decision to make diverse styles of artprints and not focus on a smaller niche instead.

8- Home Management

Who doest have a house and who doesnt want a well managed home, the home management biders and printables are available in wide number and selection options. Most of these printables are created by moms for moms, hence they really know how to manage a house.

Even if one is confused about home management, getting a good management binder will teach you a lot about how to manage it yoruself. There are many best selling binders and printables for home management including budget binders, grocery shopping, yearly cleaning , purging house and what not.

If you are someone who loves doing the same and has created a few for themselves then this is a perfect niche and sells very well on Etsy and it is one of the top selling digital printable category on Etsy, since the user base of Etsy is mostly women.

9-Teacher Resources

After TPT , Etsy is the best teachers resource. Teachers can download printable worksheets, yearly planners and graphics resources. I talk about the graphic design resources more in the next section but these graphics print well and teahcers use them often to decorate their classrooms or making lesson plans.

Some of the best selling teacher resources include Teacher planners, Student planners, Homeschooling printable resources and lesson plans.

10-Graphic Design Resources

Since nearly all of these resources stem from a skill of graphic design but still etsy is a great resrouce for graphic designers and artists alike. For any graphic or web design project you can dig right into etsy and find a resoruce.

Some of the best selling digital products to sell on Etsy in grpahic design field are website themes, wordpress themes, plugins , graphics, cliparts, vector resources, photoshop brushes, vector brushes and more…….

Conclusion : Etsy is a gold mine for sellers and there are many categories when it comes to best digital products to sell but if you are deciding to signup as a seller then you should closely look at your passion and currently what is your expertise. As nearly all of these categories that I have mentioned are best selling products on Etsy.

Best Digital Products to Sell on Etsy

How Much Money Can You Make Selling Stock Photos Online?

I have been selling stock photos Online since 2007, and at that time I could easily make well over $600 per week through selling my illustrations via various stock photo websites. But before that I always wondered how much money can be made selling stock photos online.

how much money can you make selling stock photos

You can cross post your stock photos to multiple websites and earn a good flow of income from all Stock image websites. Earnings per image download can range from $0.35 to $5.80 for stock image download and around $50 – $100 for Extended License downloads. But you can make a lot more money if you follow the tips that I shared in this post.

It is best not to be exclusive with one stock photo website. Uploading the same portfolio of work to multiple sites can bring in a consistent flow of income which depends upon how many images you have uploaded.

My Story of Selling Stock illustration and Money that I Made

Since I am living in a country where $ currency converts well for over 10 years or so I was making good money by selling stock illustrations and images. Sounds crazy right? . For a graphic designer and illustration artist it is a dream!

Dreamstime pays between 25% and 60% commissions, resulting in $0.35 to $12.24 for a royalty-free download. You can earn up to $40.80 for extended licenses. In addition, Exclusive users get $0.20 per accepted uploaded image.

I kept of creating and submitting illustrations religiously……..But then….I decided to alter my path as life happened and I moved on from creating more stock illustrations to selling them as part of products through POD websites. until recently I checked back in my portfolio of work and still there was a good chunk of money waiting for me. This is why I am sharing my starters journey with you here in this blog post so anyone who is a beginner can understand how much and how soon money can be made through selling photos.

Online learning. e-learning, online education, distance learning, education, online course. Student studying on computer.
© Photographer: Pratyaksa | Agency: Dreamstime.com

How much money I make through Dreamstime

Here is a screen shot of my earning back in 2007 -9 by Selling Stock illustrations from Dreamstime alone.

Become a Stock Photo Contributor on Dreamstime

Sell art online and make money

You can see that I was able to get an average of $60-70 per month from dreamstime at that time my portfolio wasn’t big enough as well. Which was pretty decent as a starting bonus coming from a single website.

Most of my images were vector illustrations and EPS files, Dreamstime accepts eps files that are good and clean . If you are wondering how to ready an illustration for submission then you might be interested in this tutorial where I shared how to clean your illustrations for submission as vector illustrations

Related Article : How to clean your stock photo illustrations 

Then gradually I started posting the same illustrations to other stock photo websites. I have covered all the best place to sell photos online in another blog post. In this post I will be drilling further on the idea of how much money you can actually make by selling photos and illustrations.

At that time i created illustrations in bulk and i really loved it too, I gave myself challenge to create 100 illustrations ( Even wrote a blog post in 2008 about it ).

Shutterstock works great for contributors as well, at that time Shutterstock had an active forum that helped a lot when it came to driving traffic to our new submissions as a contributor. See below my limited stats from 2007. I am sharing stats from that time because I wanted to show how much you can start making within your first month from these websites.

how much money can you make selling photos online

Become a Contributor on Shutterstock

My portfolio started growing steadily and I started uploading them to other stock photo websites. Later on when I lost the drive to create more illustrations and stock photos and changed my direction into Art Licensing my works. My portfolio stopped growing and so did my earnings.

So How can you make a steady stream of income? IF you are deciding to go down this route then the only way you can earn a good chunk of money through selling photos and illustrations is by keeping your portfolio alive.

You earn between 15% and 40% commission when one of your images or videos is downloaded at Shutterstock. This means you get paid $0.10 to $5.80 for images, $10.20 to $39.80 for extended licenses, and $1.25 to $47.92 for each video.

But in order to earn a good passive income through these websites you must be publishing content regularly, updating your image library, adding more content and uploading them to these websites. This doesn’t mean that you can just throw these out on the websites. You will be required to do a proper keyword research add these keywords in titles and tags of the photos in order to make more sales.

A few of my illustrations that are from back in 2007 are not that well keyworded as at the moment making money on these websites was comparatively easy.

How to increase sales and make more money Selling Stock Photos Online?

Business people make money in home or office concept
© Photographer: Julia Kutska | Agency: Dreamstime.com

Here are a few of my tips if you would like to maybe start selling or increase your earning through stock photos. This is not a get rich quick scheme at all so if you are one of those people who are hoping to make good money then maybe this path is not the right one for you.

So what is required of you if you choose to stay the path?

1- Consistency

Keeping a consistent flow of new images and stock photos is very important. This will not only keep your portfolio growing but also each new upload will push you towards recent images search results hence pulling your complete portfolio to front of the websites. Hence making more sale , hence making more money selling stock photos.

2- Keeping up with the Trends

Keeping up with the trends is very important. All year round there is consistent demand for new images and stock photos and illustrations , vectors, video footage and more. So as a creator, contributor and artist you must have a mindset of pre-projection of which images are going to be search next.

For instance right now we are entering Oct , marketing companies and clients have already created the advertising material, products or updated their online content with Halloween images. So if you are creating halloween images, illustrations or stock photos then you must have them already up on the website a month before.

I keep myself updated through a simple calendar that is well 2 months in advance for every holiday so I really get the idea about when to start creating which illustrations.

3- Keyword research

Doing keyword research has become integral part of if process now. As your title and tags must contain words that are being searched. You can use google keyword planner or any other advance keywords planner to find the right words and tags.

I really love the shutterstock keyword generation tool which really helps in finding searchable keywords. Once I have generated keywords inside shutterstock I take it to other platforms and mostly use the same keywords. So if you are batching your upload process then this becomes really easy to post on multiple sites in less time.

4- Quality over Quantity

Now when i look at my work that was posted & mind you got sold and STILL does is not at all I would approve today for posting. People can buy such ugly images as well at times that makes me wonder really? someone needed that ?.

Not really ugly but a very simple illustration of mine of a stick figure fairy made me around $2000 cumulatively over the years. I even received a thankyou note from someone who purchased my illustration to create a memory book for her mother.

© Photographer: One8edegre | Agency: Dreamstime.com


Example of how much a stock illustration sells for 

You can see the breakdown of cost over the years for this particular illustration the range of amount you can earn varries.

You get paid more for a larger file size or a vector format.

how much money can you make selling stock photos

The same image gets sold for various keywords defined by the searcher of image. Keeping your tags various will help you get noticed and make more sales.

Same image got sold for $13 and $0.35, $2.0 , $7.5 , $5. 7 so it really depends upon the size and the subscription plan of the buyer.

Example of Various Prices for Various Sizes of images Sold

how much money can you make selling stock photos

The feeling is great when you recieve this kind of appreciation. My stick figure fairy couldnt give me good monetry return if you think of it . But yeah she is cute.

5- Sharing your portfolio on Social Media

It is advisable to drive traffic to your portfolio, more eyes fall on your work it is better. Pretty much all of the platforms have widgets and embed options for images or portfolio so why not?. So one of the aspects of how much money can you make selling stock photos is how much you bring it in front of the right audience.

One of my highest money making months on stock photo websites have been the ones where I shared my portfolio in the forums and over social media as well. More traffic comes to your portfolio more money you will be able to make.

It is said that 20% creativity and 80% marketing, with artists and creators this part becomes a bit difficult when they immerse themselves so much in the creativity aspect that they do not spend their energy over marketing it. Marketing is what brings in more clients and hence more commission and money.

6- Signing up as a referral 

The best thing that I did besides creating illustrations for stock photo websites to make money was to sign up as their referral. Referral is when you invite others to signup to their website either as a seller or a contributor. You can make money by selling stock photos and illustrations and while doing that you can also make money by sharing their website. So it is a win win.

For example if right now if you went and signed up as a contributor , since you are wondering how much money can you make selling stock photos online, I will get a %age of commission every time someone buys your portfolio too and/or if someone buys stock photos or illustrations using the links that I shared.

So even if you are not making money through your portfolio of stock images you can still make some extra income by sharing it.

makemoneyonline How Much Money Can You Make Selling Stock Photos Online?

You must have seen other free vector illustration and image sharing websites that do it for free, have a portion of their search pages taken over by Shutterstock or Dreamstime. This is how they make money, ie by driving traffic to shutterstock . You can view this in action right here 🙂

Signup as a Contributor on Shutterstock Here


Check out Shutterstock coupon codes for 2022 right here

7- Bundle and Sell

Now if you are like me and would like to branch out and multiply on the amount of money that you make through selling stock photos you can very well create products and sell them through other websits. Afterall you have a great portfolio of work now and you can definately cash it out in multiple ways. One way is to sell it through your own blog or website ( Set up a Woocommerce Store ) , You can sell them as bundles through Etsy ( Claim 40 free listings to get started) or You can sell products created using your images through other POD websites .

make money selling stock photos

Conclusion: Can you + How Much Money can be made through stock photo websites.

You can earn well over $1000 or so with a portfolio big enough and good enough by selling your same work through multiple websites. And if you create and sell them further through other websites beside stock photo website you can easily create multiple $$$.

How to sell art online and make money as a Digital Artist

How to sell art online and make money as an artist

How to sell art online and make money as an artist

How to Sell Art Online and make money as a digital artist

These past few days I have been focusing more on creating hand painted art beside digital art. Although having Masters in Fine Arts degree up my belt and a gold medal as a painter once i fell in the “trap” of creating digital art I totally shifted my line of work. Now spending 20+ years selling art online I think it is time for me to turn to traditional watercolor and canvas.

A while back I wrote a blog post about selling art online in a blog post ( 16 places to sell stock photos and illustration online) this post alone got me plenty of recognition and was bookmarked and saved by many. Now I wanted to share some of my tips on making money selling your art online. The digital era that we have entered after this pendamic hit us, everyone is goint online!. Artists are also looking for ways to reach out to galleries and many turned to instagram as a resort for sharing their work.

The real fact is that you can not just wake up and start making money online selling art unless you are clear about your objectives as well as few tools understanding. Here are few platforms of my choice when it comes to making money selling art online.

Sell art online free through instagram

When it comes to selling through instagram your first step would be to create a creators account on instagram. Write a compelling bio with the keywords like Art, Artist, Watercolor Artist, Buy Art Online, Art for sale and like wise. The best place to add your keyword is your username as this is the place that Instagram search looks for when someone enters a keyword. Secondly use these keywords as part of your bio when you are writing it. Third point is to add a call to Action that may include DM me , Signup , Download Now or something like that.


Now after you are set up for instagram your next mission is to bring consistency to your posting schedule. Categorize your content in 3-4 buckets that may include work process videos , finished artwork , artwork in use or your personal life. Posting consistently is the key when it comes to increasing your audience and eventually selling art through social media.

How to Sell art online and make money through POD websites

The best way to actually sell your art is on various products. POD stands for Print on Demand websites. These include Zazzle, Cafepress, Gearbubble and Printful. After you open up an account you will have the choice to choose the products on which you want to sell your art on. These can be T-Shirts, Cups, Mugs, Aprons, Bedsheets, Hoodies, Cusions, Pillow Covers, Laptop Sleeves and so many more.

All you have to do is to simply upload your art and place it on pre-made product mockups, add a title set a price and post for sale. Everytime an artwork or product is sold you are rewarded in form of a comission. You really dont have to run after printing or shipping the POD websites will do this for you and you will recieve royalties for every purchase you make.

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Sell Fine Art online on canvas and as Art Prints

Again if you would like to recieve orders via instagram or your own website, and have it printed and shipped you can make use of the websites that help you sell find art online on canvas and as art prints. A few of these are Zazzle, Cafepress, Artprints , FineArt America.

Using pinterest to drive traffic to your website

However if you choose to sell your art online through your own ecommerce website, you can choose platforms like Shopify, Wix or likewise to create with a few clicks. The improtant task after that is how to drive traffic to your website and make a sale. Many of us during their initial phase of website launch are not ready to invest in facebook ad and google ads to drive traffic to their art portfolio. Pinterest comes in handy ! I have previously shared how I use Pinterest to drive traffic to my website using Tailwind  you can read it if you are interested. Otherwise all you have to do is create compelling pinterest long pins , that can be done easily via canva and then have it directly published to your pinterest boards. Want to know about my strategy ? check out this post.

Using Email to sell Art

Once you have a website, or maybe you only have instagram as your point of selling art you can easily setup a mailing list that will help you capture fans and clients. Use Mailerlite or mailchimp as your email list provider and give a signup incentive to your fans. Most popular way is to offer 10% OFF to your subscribers when they sign up. Now start regulerly emailing your fans with the latest updates and offers for your special subscribers. This will help you drive more traffic to your website as well as sales!

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Conclusion : If you are wondering how to sell art onine and make money, consistency and a plan of action is the key no matter what path you decide just keep doing it……. Read how I nearly gave up !


How to Sell Art Online and make money

How to Sell Art Online and make money as a graphic Designer in 3 Steps

If you are regular reader of my website and know my journey as an artist then you might be aware of the time when I threw away the whole concept of trying to sell my art online and how I came back to painting after 3 years. No journey be it selling art or achieving any of your dreams is without challenges ( you might consider reading What artlicensing is and isnt) . When it comes to starting out as an artist earning a recurring revenue from your Art then you might be curious on how to sell art online or where to sell your graphic designs, illustrations or vectors online.

Sell art online and make money

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Keeping in view a complete starter I have compiled a list of websites where you really dont need to have an extensive portfolio of work and just start selling right away. All you require is a skill as an artist and the knowledge to just start !

Step 1

Sharpen your tools to sell art and make money Online

So online is a digital world so your physical portfolio of work will not help you here much. You need to have proper set of tools to begin creating your portfolio of work. I will not go into details in this post for creating a portfolio of work and placing it online. Right now my aim is just to give the power of selling art in your hand so you can just start creating art right away and start earning comission from it as soon as possible.

You need to get aware of the graphic design tools and softwares and get aquinted with some specific skills. these include

Learning Adobe illustrator

learn how to create seamless patterns ,

Learn how to convert your drawing into line art,

Learn how to use basic vector illustration through this tutorial

How to expand patterns 

How to batch convert JPGS

Or use these 38 Vector Tutorials in order to sharpen your skills an artist.

Learning Adobe Photoshop ( Learn how to create mockups , learn how to convert your drawing ,)

And if these graphic design tools seem too techy for you at the moment you can choose from a few simple graphic design tools like Stencil , picmonkey or canva to do the job for you .

Step 2

Hacks to create product mockups Online

in order to represent your work you will be needing beautiful product mockups . These websites provide tools that will help you create beautiful mockups using free stock photos. Not necessarily you will be using free stock photos you might want to consider using Stock photos from a few leading websites including Dreamstime, Shutterstock, Istockphoto and Canstock.

Create Mockups using Printful’s Mockup Generator.

Even if you dont plan on using printful as your choice of selling art on your products yet , but signing up and using their mockup creator tool is recommended. You are able to create beautiful mockups with just a few steps!

Use Product mockups using Zazzle’s Product creator to sell art and make money .

Secondly since Zazzle is also one of the 16 places from where you can sell art online that i recommend, you can however choose not to sell art dirctly from them but use their product image creator instead. Like Printful just drag and upload your artwork to their website and you have a mockup like canvas, Art Prints, T-Shirts created in no time at all.

Use Stock photo websites to download Stock Photos with mockup of various products including T-Shirts, Tags, Towels and many more to create beautiful mockups. Here your skill as a Photoshop expert will come in handy. You can also use these stock photos free for commecial use that I shared recently

Step 3

Start Uploading your and Selling your Art on Products

Here are some of the pointer websites that can help you sell your art. All you have to do is upload your artwork, these are called Print on Demand websites. As a print on demand artist you will upload your art over their mockups and once you make a sale they will print and ship it for you.

Creative Market

Previously I have mentioned creative market in many of my blog posts and it is one platform that very quickly caught the attention of graphic designers and illustration artists. Although there are many other competitive platforms to sell illustrations and art but in my opinion creative market has the best quality of digital products oniline and as a seller you get to recieve best benifits of selling your art. There are multiple types of products that you can create and sell including but not limited to mockups, Photoshop and vector brushes, cliparts, seamless patterns and more.

Here is a breakdown of a few of the points that in my openion set it apart

  1. You get to keep 70% of your sales comission which is way better than many other competitive websites.
  2. No exclusivity lock meaning you are free to sell your designs in other platforms as well.
  3. Easy upload interface is one of the key features of creative market it is really easy to get started as a seller.
  4. Recieve free downloads from other creators if you want to use. Artists share their work as free downloads and creative market promotes them as well through their email campaigns so you get extra exposure when you open up your shop at creative market and sell art online.


These website include Zazzle, Redbubble, SpoonFlower, Printful , gearbubble

sell your art online How to Sell Art Online and make money


40 free Etsy Listings – Sell on Etsy

If you are looking for 40 free Etsy Listings and earn money when you sell on etsy then you are in the right place . I have 40 free Etsy listings that works everytime!

40 Free Etsy Listings

This is an affiliate link and being a seller on etsy for the past 15+ years I personally believe that besides having a website of your own you can continue to sell on etsy.

Before I go further

Click here to claim your 40 free Etsy Listings

40 Free Etsy Listings – How to use?

Step 1 :

Simple hit the button below to claim your free listings and create an account on etsy.

Step 2 :

Create a shop on etsy using the link available on the top bar.

Step 3:

Start listing your products to sell on etsy and for the next 40 listings you will be charged nothing!

it is as simple as this!

So if you are curious about what to sell then i have previously written a post about how I create and sell products online and on etsy check out the article below

And if you would like to sell your art on other websites besides Etsy then check out this 15+ websites that allow you to sell your stock photo and illustrations online.




How to Start a Blog with WordPress in 2021

how to start a blog with wordpress How to Start a Blog with Wordpress in 2021

Wondering how to start a blog with wordpress in 2021?

How will you feel that finally, you were able to start a blog helping you not only to make money online while blogging but also present your work out in the world. Maybe sell your digital products online or maybe even your physical products?

You can start a blog with wordpress in 2020 and start making money online in a matter of minutes. Or you could finally, create a storefront and start selling from this? ,Be able to lead clients and direct them to your own self-hosted platform. All this and more like your own pretty domain name, Set up email addresses, newsletters and more.

in this posts series, how to start a blog with wordpress within next 24 hours.

We are going through times when that is allowing us to stop and look at our surroundings. Raise questions about who we are being, what is important and what needs to be done with. Maybe you are still struggling with your surroundings and they are keeping you busy enough that you don’t even get the time to reflect on who you are being and which direction to take.

For me this time out by Universe has given me a safe place to go within and shed out the unwanted. These unwanted items not only include, purging my home, decluttering my surroundings but also in a good way I am exploring new ways to expand my online business and work. I see so many people going through all of this as well.

Some have been busy all their life doing 9 to 5 jobs, they don’t even love or are passionate about. It is like dragging themselves to work every day, going through the workload, communicating and frustrated with a nosey boss. And now when they got the time out they are wondering if this is how they want to spend the rest of their lives?

Maybe you too in a state similar to this, maybe you were also forced to sit at home, maybe you too are wondering what if there is something else to life. Maybe you are struck by fear and are not able to do anything creative. It almost feels like running in a hamster wheel. Forced life, but for how long? will this ever end? you love drawing, maybe gardening, maybe painting, do you really have to wait for your retirement to do what you love doing?

This pivot may mean

  • Leaving your job and facing some uncertain times and wondering if you can too make money by blogging
  • Getting overwhelmed wondering ok here I am and I would love to spend more time doing what I am passionate about but how to begin where to start from and what are my next steps.

I am passionate about helping other creative women find their inner Creative Diva and start earning a living doing what they love by blogging and selling their creativity online.  And all of this starts from taking a single decision and setting a strong intention. If you are committed enough to make a change in your life, if you want to be one of the few who are strong enough to take a stand for their desires then allow me to take you by the hand and over the next few posts help you create a business doing what you love.

So in this post, I will share the initial tasks you can take right now starting today towards a strong business foundation. by setting up an online shop in less than 24 hours.

how to start a blog with wordpress in 2020 in 4 steps

  1. Choose a blog name and get a hosting
  2. Install WordPress in order to Start a blog
  3. Personalize your blog by installing a pretty and functional theme
  4. Add the right plugins to help you track data and traffic
  5. Consistently write great content that attracts your ideal client
  6. Monetize your blog by affiliated products or your own self hosted shop

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Step 1:

Get a domain name & Hosting in order to start a blog with wordpress

If you already have a domain name then it is great ! time saved ! if not here are. A domain name is a name that people can type in their address bars to find you. This post of mine intends to set up a website for you in 24 hours so I will not write tons about each and every step but I will guide you towards your end goal, that is …. an online shop!

–>> CLICK HERE TO Get a Domain name + Hosting for only $1 

So your name could be simply yourname.com or yourbusinessname.com or maybe you want to be creative and come up with something interesting for your blog name. The thing is it really doesnt matter!. Focus on just getting a name and dont get caught up and procrastinating over how good a name sounds.

I am recommending 1 and 1 Hosting for this because it is the cheapest solution out there right now, you begin with paying $1 for the Domain plus hosting for the first month and then $4 onward. For the domain name, $1 for the first year is included. I signed up for the business package and have hosted two of my website paying $8.

When you are paying this low you are lowering the mental barrier of setting up a website being expensive just go ahead give it a try what is there to lose? $1 for the domain name for the first year is ample time for you to know if you are committed to running a website.

Other recommended providers are Godaddy (Starting from $5 ) Blue Host ($3.95 free domain for first year and hosting)

What is the difference between the domain name and hosting?

I often get asked this question, believe it or not, this confusion even stops many of you from taking the first step. So a domain name is like getting a URL that can be typed in the search bar, and hosting is a place where you will upload your files to. These files will include your website data, product images, blog images files, and similar.

For people to access your website, they will be landed on a webpage hosted on your hosting provider. it will show the files you stored in the form of a homepage blog or similar.

Step 2

Installing WordPress on your hosting space.

Consider your hosting space ( which you paid $1 for the first month) links to your domain name Here is how you will do it inside 1and 1 hosting. But you will see that most of the hosting companies have similar Cpanels. Cpanel is the dashboard from where you can take various tasks from inside the hosting provider.

After you signup, you will log in to your Cpanel ( Hosing Dashboard) here is how this looks like

How to Start a Blog in 2020 and make money

how to start a blog with wordpress in 2020 and make money

You have icons presented in front of you with managing your domain name, creating email addresses, installing websites and stores, managing your hosting space, and your billing and account information. If you click on domains you will be able to see the domain name that you just purchased.

But to set up your WordPress Shop and blog you will head on over to the search bar on top of the screen and type install WordPress.

How to Start a Blog in 2020 and make money

Give your website a title and click Create Website. Something Like ” Julias Art and Workshops” or whatever, don’t worry you can change it later at any time.

Type in the administrator login ( the login you will use to access your WordPress installation) I would recommend keeping it long and not including word admin in it. Here is a screenshot of how this looks like

How to Start a Blog in 2020 and make money

Next, you will be presented with an option to install a managed WordPress just click on the second option

howtosetupwodpressonlineshop04 How to Start a Blog with Wordpress in 2021

Next, you will be asked to link a domain name to the WordPress installation. From the dropdown choose the domain name that you just registered with.

howtosetupwodpressonlineshop05 How to Start a Blog with Wordpress in 2021

And you are done!

Type the domain name in the URL space in your browser and your website is online!

Step 3:

Personalize your blog by installing a pretty and functional theme

For my 3 Blogs that I own i have been in a whirlwind for ages trying out different themes. The Theme in a wodpress means the whole design of the website. Think of WordPress installation as a skeleton and now you need to make it pretty. We are done on how to start a blog with wordpress now you should also think about making it pretty right?
I have added a list of recommended themes and alternatives to my own choice of wordpress theme ( Divi) in the checklist you can download it for free.

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I choose Divi as my website theme because it is so easiy manageable. And besides the designers and tons of users at DIVI provide all the documentation on how to make it best work for you. And if you ever get stuck somewhere there is always a vido or help out there to overcome that.

Ofcourse there are plenty of free themes out there a few of them I have mentioned in my checklist but I choose to go with a premium one as I prefer to get all the support I can get.

Here is link to get Divi theme if you are interested.

Here is how to install a theme on your wordpress blog

  1. Login to your wordpress wp-login
  2. Go to Appearance
  3. Click on themes
  4. Click on Add New
  5. Click on upload
  6. Once it is uploaded Activate the theme!

Step 4:

Add the right plugins to help you track data and traffic



Fear Vs Flow What is your Creator Mode?

If you are an artist and want to sell stick illustrations online or just your Art the one thing to focus on is mindset practices. When you are working from fear your art will not bring you any money as well, this article covers how you can make money from selling your art with the right mindset. Check out more on Sell Art online from aivault.com

If you are an artist and want to sell stick illustrations online or just your Art the one thing to focus on is mindset practices. When you are working from fear your art will not bring you any money as well, this article covers how you can make money from selling your art with the right mindset. Check out more on Sell Art online from aivault.com

I remember back in 2002 when I really got into blogging, I loved what I did so much so that I would wake up at 4 AM to write my next blog post. I had no idea why I HAD to blog but I did. At that time, I had gone through a phase of trying to find adobe illustrator tutorials as I was starting out. I couldn’t find any online.

So what I did was to turn to help section of Adobe and then create something. That’s how I learned. But once I was confident enough and I even started to sell stock illustrations online I knew that there are others like me in the initial stages of learning illustrator who needed help.

So I started writing illustrator tutorials. What I am trying to say here that I had the passion and drive to create and I was coming from a place of giving. As a result what I received was a sense of achievement, feeling of being in the flow where I was just doing what I loved to do. And that drove me to wake up early when my little one was asleep and write out my next piece of content.

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Hence flow to me is a combination of doing what you love doing, having a passion for it, and added drive of bringing joy to someone else’s life as well. At that time I was living in a shabby house and I was barely making any return on what I was doing. But… I was free from a weight of fear.

Fears………….. Ah… that’s what takes you away from the flow.

Fear of tomorrow

Fear of what might come

Fear of what might happen

Fear of loss

Fear of scarcity

Fear of lack

Fear of loosing

and the list goes on and on.

Fast forward life got busy I “burdened” myself with many fears as a result

I lost the passion to create something for free! because I was overcome by “need” to make ends meet, I started weighing if my actions were in fact bringing me cash in return. I stopped doing things that brought me “joy” and started focusing on things that brought be “money”.

I went into the mode of hustle and I went head-on in the mode of grind.

As a result, I was overwhelmed, overcome with fear in many shape and form, my art was not bringing me joy.

I was lucky that I noticed that, I saw what I was doing and started looking for ways to overcome that and return to my “Zero State” yes that’s where all the joy happens that is where are is created from that is where you get to make money…….

So what is a “Zero State” ? And how can you be in one?

It took me time to come back to zero state, lots of journaling, lots of forgiving, lots and lots of giving up and surrendering. I can better explain this with an example.

When we come into life, we are at a zero state, that is a complete zero state, you don’t owe anything to anyone, you don’t fear anything, you don’t have to do anything, there arent many things that you should do.

So all the Owe someone, forgive someone, have to and shoulds and shouldn’t s aaaaaaaaaaaaaallllllllll it does is to take you away from your state of joy and a state of being in flow. To achieve this I use journaling, and that is how I come back to state of joy and I wouldn’t be wrong to say that this is how I make money!.

PS : I just added how to come out of fears workbook to the resource library

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So my question to you today is are you in your “Zero State”?

Have you ever experienced it?

Have you experienced flow?

How will you describe it?

Hit reply and let me know!



How I create Digital Products from my illustrations

If you are seeking to make money from your art and by creating passive income while selling digital products and create a life of freedom here is a blog post that breaks it all for your. Perfect resource for how to sell art as digital products and make a constant flow of income out of it.

If you are seeking to make money from your art and by creating passive income while selling digital products and create a life of freedom here is a blog post that breaks it all for your. Perfect resource for how to sell art as digital products and make a constant flow of income out of it.

In this blog post, I am going to share with you how I make money selling my art as digital products So you can also see how easy it is.

Why do you really need to create digital products from your Art?

If you are an artist and you are creating drawings and illustrations every day then probably the next thing you would want to do is to sell them in any way. And selling them online is one of the most profitable, fun and easy way to make money while doing what you love.

The types of products that I create from my Art are clip art packs and digital invitations coloring books and of course courses.


When I am creating cliparts I start with creating an inspiration board. I use Pinterest to do that All you need to do is create a secret board and then pin various images on to it.

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Then my next step is to create a related series of images that may range from 7 to 8 supporting images in the same theme. The next step is to convert all of these images as separate png and jpgs or arrange them in an EPS file for sharing.

After creating the complete set I usually package them in a Zip file and create a pretty looking preview graphic with some basic information typed as text.

My next step is to upload these preview images on various websites for sale, accompanied with the source files for sale.

A few of these websites are at the Creativemarket, Graphicriver , Art fire, Etsy and of course my own website.

Now when it comes to creating cliparts my go-to tool is Adobe Illustrator. You will have to use some photo editing software as well . You can also use canva for this but I prefer using photoshop. It really doesn’t matter, any photo editing software will help you create Pretty mockups and a preview Graphics for your clip art sets.

When it comes to making a sale it is really not difficult the main thing is that you stay consistent and create. I have seen people who have been creating and listing nearly every week for the past 8 to 10 years and their income from simply selling $1 and $2 per graphics set and making around 10 to 20k per month easily.

Besides this, if you save these graphics as EPS files and list them up on stock photo sites you will have another constant source of income.
Even if you are not familiar with Adobe Illustrator you have two options, number one you can use few of my tutorials completely free to get hands-on experience with Illustrator, or, if you are good at creating by hand maybe watercolor and painting, you can create separate icons scan them save them as jpegs and pngs package them and sell as cliparts.


Digital invitations

Another cool way to use your graphics and clipart is to create digital invitations and designs and sell them on various websites.

Here is how to do it

Simply create a digital invitation with some mockup placeholder party details just like cliparts you will need to create a fun looking mockup for these invitations to present as a preview for the potential buyer. Next up you are going to upload this invitation to various websites few of these websites are zazzle, Cafepress, Etsy or your own self hosted website.


It is really not that difficult to create and sell cliparts graphics PDF or printables using your images the one thing that is required is consistency and as well as Not overthinking the whole process.

Just keep creating and you will find the flow and once you do …. you will see some money Rolling In, this will definitely keep you motivated.

You really don’t have to overthink about and comparing your work with the rest of the world just list and put them up for sale a few of my drawings are really crappy but they are still making me sales once in a while so it doesn’t matter do not overthink or over judge you are maybe it will come to use for someone.

Just make sure that you are coming from my place of Mindset where you are sharing value with the world and when we give value, we get value in return.

Now it is your turn tell me do you already create digital products?

if so how you are creating them and where you are selling them I would love to know and if you are entirely new at this and you need some direction?

If this post resonates with you you might find these articles useful too.

Asmaa’ xo

Diary of a Small Business, Freelancer Artist : March 2020 Review

Disclosure: There are some affiliate links below and I may receive commissions for purchases made through links in this post. However, these are all products I use myself and thus highly recommend and support.

MARCH UPDATE : Life of an Artist

This past week I had been down with the flu. Although I was trying to keep myself content and high vibe, at one point I found myself in a panic mode.

There is too much media noise and then there is so much grief and fear around the world. And when you are a sensitive person like me, the fear and panic will rise at some time or another. We quarantined ourselves even before the virus spread reached an alarming number.

Which means all the more a solid reason to go inwards.
Revive old soul connection if needed. And review your place in the world.

As outbound flights were stopped, so did our Product based business of Wall Decals and Stickers. This nearly threw me banging my head on a wall.

I am guilty of not giving full attention to my digital products and graphics store. For the last couple of days, I reviewed my business direction and the dimensions it needs to spread into.

I revisited my Goals and the tasks that needed to be accomplished. And I did a lot of work!.

So the good news that came out of it is that my store is being stocked up!

I have been adding cliparts for easter, st patrick’s day cliparts, Art Prints and more. The current condition of the world, which ofcourse was unexpected gave me all the more reason to keep working on the digital aspect of my business.

I have read and seen so many graphic designers and artists going jobless during this time, which makes me think how I can help them in anyway. For now I have my Start Selling Art Online Ecourse ( which is free) to help you get started right now because it is never too late.


Now here are some of my actions that I took in the last few months which maybe you will find helpful in some way.



Got myself Ultimate Bundle Genius Bloggers Toolkit ( The best decision)

Yes I bought myself Ultimate Bundle’s Genius Bloggers Toolkit. This is one of the best decisions I made!. The bundle is jam packed with courses from some of the leaders in the industry. There is always room for learning and once you are doing business online you must keep yourself updated.

After learning so many things from so many people my mid is buzzing with ideas and ways to take my business to next level. I will be sharing my experience whenever I can through this blog and through my email.

Get Access to productivity Bundle

PROD20 Evergreen Devices JPG Diary of a Small Business, Freelancer Artist : March 2020 Review


Moved my Email list to SendPulse 

I have been using Mailerlite for a while now and I even mentioned it in one of my posts earlier about alternate email provider to mailchimp . But since I noticed that my email list needs cleaning up with so many people who signued up for Free 75+ Cliparts but never even opened their emails after that. The email list grew so much!. While there is no point in investing in upgrading the account if there is no return on investment.

Anyway I moved my list to Sendpulse I am loving the ease of use and how it is free upto 2400 email subscribers and even after that the cost is not as high as Mailchimp or mailerlite.

Favorite Podcasts this month

Happy Wealth By Elise McDowell

Oh My Goodness Podcast by Hayley Tapper

The Ed Mylet Show 

Manifestation Babe | Money | Mindset | Manifestation

Business Management Tools that I am loving !

Trello Boards ( used for project management)

2 Checkout for payment processing

Elegant Themes for clients and my own websites

Other Useful tools that I always recommend

My Go to Planner to Streamline my Creative Business Goals


Latest Products in Shop

  • Boho Floral Baby Lion Clipart

    Boho Lion Clipart

    Copy of commercial use clipart 17 Diary of a Small Business, Freelancer Artist : March 2020 Review

    Introducing our adorable Boho Baby Lion Clipart Set – a delightful collection of 8 PNG images designed to add a touch of whimsy and charm to your creative projects. Perfect for commercial use, these transparent background images are versatile and can be effortlessly incorporated into various designs.

    Each PNG in this set features a sweet baby lion with a distinct bohemian flair, exuding cuteness and personality. The transparent background ensures seamless integration into your designs, allowing you to effortlessly create eye-catching visuals for a wide range of purposes.

    Whether you’re working on baby shower invitations, nursery decor, birth announcements, or any other project that needs a touch of warmth and playfulness, these Boho Baby Lion cliparts are the ideal choice. The set includes a variety of poses and expressions, making it easy to find the perfect lion for any occasion.

    These high-quality PNG images are not only adorable but also easy to work with, ensuring a hassle-free creative process. The commercial-use license empowers you to use these charming lion cliparts in your projects for resale, providing an excellent value for graphic designers, small business owners, and creative enthusiasts alike.

    Add a dash of boho charm to your designs with our Boho Baby Lion Clipart Set – where creativity meets cuteness. Download now and let these delightful lions bring a smile to your audience while elevating the visual appeal of your projects.

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  • Sale! nativity Scene watercolor clipart

    Christian Nativity Scene Watercolor Clipart

    7 5 Diary of a Small Business, Freelancer Artist : March 2020 Review
    Sale! $3.00

    All items are high resolution PNG files
    ★★★★★includes 24 Transparent Watercolor Nativity Cliparts★★★★★

    Clip art is great for creating
    printable party items
    cupcake toppers
    birthday banners
    birth announcements
    photo cards
    digital scrapbook layouts
    web design
    blog design
    and so much more!

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  • 1801202465a965558256d Diary of a Small Business, Freelancer Artist : March 2020 Review

    Cowgirl Boots Png Western PNG

    1801202465a965558256d Diary of a Small Business, Freelancer Artist : March 2020 Review

    Cowgirl Boots Png Western PNG Howdy Boots Cowgirl Cowboy West Wild Soul YeeHaww Rodeo Wasted Mama Sublimation Designs

    Single transparent PNG and JPG graphics is perfect for any project, and includes commercial use.

    ♦ You will Get: ZIP folders with seperate cliparts, in PNG image file format, transparent background, high quality, 300 dpi, free of watermarks.

    – This is a digital product, no physical items will be shipped
    – The preview images are for display purposes only and are not included in the download

    ♦ What is included?
    1 Cowgirl Boots PNG Clipart +JPG

    OK for commercial use

    Do NOT Resell or Distribute digital file

    Thank you for stopping by .)
    Feel free to contact me with any questions.

    Explore my shop

    Cowgirl Boots Png Western PNG Howdy Boots Cowgirl Cowboy West Wild Soul YeeHaww Rodeo Wasted Mama Sublimation Designs

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  • Sale! Valentines Day Clipart

    Valentines Day Cliparts Bundle

    7 4 Diary of a Small Business, Freelancer Artist : March 2020 Review
    Sale! $15.00

    ✨ Elevate your Valentine’s Day creations with our enchanting Valentine Page Borders Clipart Set! 🌹

    Unleash your creativity with this carefully curated collection of 200+ Valentines Day Cliparts.

    These watercolor cliparts are meticulously crafted and saved at high resolution 300 DPI .

    The full set is a collection of 8 large clipart sets including:


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  • Sale! 7 3 Diary of a Small Business, Freelancer Artist : March 2020 Review

    Pink Fairy Garden Clipart

    7 3 Diary of a Small Business, Freelancer Artist : March 2020 Review
    Sale! $3.00

    Step into the magical fairy garden with this fairy garden clipart collection.
    This whimsical collection features 18 individual PNG images, showcasing charming fairy houses, delicate flowers, graceful butterflies, enchanting toadstools, and a hidden fairy garden door.

    Whether you’re into scrapbooking, card making, paper crafts, planner printables, party invitations, graphic design, branding, baby showers, or creating bookmarks and stickers, these high-quality images are perfect for personal and commercial use. Immerse yourself in the fantasy and add a touch of magic to your projects, logos, and more.


    Disclaimer: Our AI-generated watercolor cliparts are the result of careful curation, meticulous cleaning, and precise sharpening to ensure high-quality graphics. While designed for commercial use, please note that variations may occur. We strive for excellence, but cannot guarantee absolute perfection. Users are encouraged to review and adapt the cliparts as needed for their specific projects.

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  • Sale! cowboy clipart for birthday invitations

    Wild West Cowboy Clipart

    8 Diary of a Small Business, Freelancer Artist : March 2020 Review
    Sale! $3.00

    Add a touch of Western flair to your projects and let your creativity run wild. The ‘Boy Rodeo’ Watercolor Clipart Bundle is a must-have for those seeking a unique and captivating collection for commercial use. Download now and bring the rodeo magic to your next creation

    🖍️ What’s included:

    • 17 high-resolution cliparts in a charming assortment of designs.
    • Each clipart is provided in PNG format with a transparent background, ensuring easy integration into your projects.
    • Superior quality at 300 dpi for crisp and clear printing.

    🌺 Perfect for:

    • Scrapbooking
    • Greeting Cards
    • Invitations
    • Digital Art
    • Printables
    • Merchandise Design
    • Social Media Graphics

    🛍️ Commercial Use Information: Our bunny and flower clipart set is commercially licensed, giving you the freedom to incorporate these enchanting graphics into your products for sale.

    📥 What’s Included: Upon purchase, you will receive a zip file containing 16 PNG cliparts, ready to be incorporated into your projects. Unleash your creativity and let these adorable bunnies and flowers bring joy to your designs!

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How to Use illustration and Graphic Design to Sell Things

In this post you’re going to learn how I I go about creating digital product from my illustration and graphic design when you will come to know that how is he it is and how simple it really is.

 So why do you need to create various products from your illustration and graphic design?

Well if you are artist in a creative and you are looking for ways to sell your art online selling your illustrations and graphics as digital product it is one of the most profitable way a of earning extra income online.

How can I sell my illustrations online?

Below are few of the product ideas you can create and sell using your illustrations online

Physical products that I recommend to create and sell your illustrations online

HOW TO MAKE A How to Use illustration and Graphic Design to Sell Things

My Own Journey as a Graphic Designer // illustration Artist selling illustration and graphic design

You can see that there are plenty and tons of ways that you can use your art right now and start selling your art. I started first by selling my graphics on stock photo sites . Let me debunk the myth that only photographers can make money selling Photography through stock photo websites.

Illustration Artists like myself and graphic designers can do the same as well. My second venue was selling Vector Brushes Library that I used myself and these are a few of the products that still sell through my own website and Creative Market. Although I am no longer creating new packs but I still get revenue generated from these vector brushes created around 10 years back.

vb emb preview1 How to Use illustration and Graphic Design to Sell Things

Next up I saw some potential in creating clip art bundles from my illustrations that I was already selling on Stock Photo Websites. I created Clip Art Bundles of my own illustration and graphic design and started selling them through Etsy , Art Fire and my own website. Very quickly I was day and night creating clip arts and illustrations . That was the time when there were not many sellers on Etsy , selling on etsy was very much simple and easy.

Later I found out that Digital Stamps ( Black and White graphics with just outlines ) were also very popular so I started created packs of my illustrations in black and white drawings as well. Then I found out that people who were interested in Cliparts they were also interested in purchasing matching pattern backgrounds as well. So I started creating pattern packs too.

prev 1 How to Use illustration and Graphic Design to Sell Things


At this point my work process looked something like  this

New illustration  > Stock photo sites > Conver to JPGs and PNGs and create ClipArt Bundles > Convert to seamless patterns > upload to stock photo sites > upload as a JPGs Pack to Etsy > Create outline > bundle as Digital Stamp > Sell through Etsy

Now since I already had all the necessary ingredients required to create invitations for kids I started another etsy Shop and started selling invitation designs as well.

Since my Dear Huby ( DH ) had some experience in printers we started selling Wall Murals and Stickers !!

How to Use illustration and Graphic Design to Sell Things

There is more to it and lots to it but my point is that Creating is itself creativity but when it comes to selling art online you have to be more creative . This journey doesnt end here it is just the begining , I have been dipping my toes into various venue and various ways to sell graphics But since that is a topic on another day.

Today I will continue with the ways you can start selling your graphics and Arts online right now.

Creating cliparts and graphic bundles using illustration and graphic design

 There are various websites from where you can start selling graphics and cliparts right from today when I started selling my graphics and illustrations online created simple clipart bundles and sold them through etsy for a while my shop it very well until I lost interest in creating more.

I was not only selling   I was not only selling cliparts but array to that were digital backgrounds  patterns and digital stamps if you are not familiar with digital stamps then these are just black and white white outlines that crafters used to create scrapbooking cards and use and their other projects which is in fact so such a fun way to use and I loved creating digital stamps

spamain creativemarket How to Use illustration and Graphic Design to Sell Things

Photoshop and Illustrator brushes

 Once you have created any of the illustrations or graphics in a simple in a similar theme you can convert these to Photoshop brushes if you are interested in learning and how to create Photoshop brushes you might want to read this article that I wrote a while back

 similarly like Photoshop brushes creating Illustrator brushes is a very much of a fun way a few of my Illustrator brushes pack have want me more than two thousand Dollars over the years.

 just imagine what is the potential of selling your art online

Untitled 1 How to Use illustration and Graphic Design to Sell Things

 Books and Workbooks

 If you are a writer or you love writing you can create beautiful books or workbooks not only for yourself but for clients as well you can offer a book cover Designing Service as well .

When I am creating e Books are usually draft them up in Google docs  and once I have finished writing all the content I I take all the content into canva and create ebook covers and workbooks easily if you are familiar with Photoshop and Illustrator then you can create this ebooks in Photoshop as well other option is using Apple pages I honestly find it so much better and simpler to use Google Dogs for the content and then canva for the graphics.

I always use canva to create book covers just because they have so many free features that you can use and as this makes the creation process fast as well and if I have something some other graphic that is specific I use Photoshop Illustrator to create this graphics.

coloringbook1 How to Use illustration and Graphic Design to Sell Things

Invitation Designs

2014 02 22 18.55 How to Use illustration and Graphic Design to Sell Things

Creating invitation designs for kids birthdays is one of my passions I simply love creating birthday invitations and since I have created a big library of about 2000 or more graphics and illustrations over the years .Creating and selling invitation designs using those graphics is a no brainier .

All I have to do it is to drag this cliparts Islam and a few lines of text create beautiful Mockups and upload the a few of the  websites that you can sell invitation designs from Zazzle, Cafepress.

After selling through these websites for the last 10 years or so I have found that having my own self hosted website from where I sell this graphics an invitation from was the best decision that I took.

Planners and stickers

23 1 How to Use illustration and Graphic Design to Sell Things

 like invitation designs once you have a big library of clip art and illustrations then creating stickers and planners almost comes like the next big thing you can do using your graphics I believe in re-purposing one piece of art creating more and more.

 we live in a fast pace marketing driven era knowing multiple ways of earning passive income for an artist is the next in things. Creating multiple products is not a difficult thing the difficult thing about it is creating the actual graphics and after that you can use the same graphics again and again and think about many ways of selling it you can even sell it on t-shirts home decor items mugs and many other products and sell through COD websites or from your own self hosted website so creating a digital product from your graphics and illustrations is actually really simple when you don’t overthink it

Now I would love to hear from you do you have your own digital product created from your graphics illustrations and if so how do you create them which products are you creating let me know in the comments below


I have been using Adobe illustrator  for the last 15 years. And I highly recommend that if you are serious about dipping your hands in Graphic Design as your career OR seeking to earn passive income doing graphic design services then you must get acquinted with Adobe illustrator.

This blog is filled with tutorials that can help you learn illustrator you can get your Adobe illustrator Yearly Subscription ( 33% OFF) Here.

BUY Adobe illustrator

Breaking out of Artists Block Latest updates on Arts and Creativity

hope your summer is going super well and that you’re having a wonderful time bonding with your kids. I pray your laundry piles are small, your coffee hot and your blog is growing. And if you are a shop owner I pray that it is expanding and more and more sales are dripping in , its my little prayer for you and the best one I can give at the moment from an Artist to an Artist.


I have exciting news! Both personal and on the blog. Let’s get right into it….

#1 I am officially coming back to my paintings after nearly 7 years!!

You might remember my story how I was cheated by an Art Licensing company and lost my muse? if not you can read about it right here.

It took me longer than I thought , it feels like I have been awaken up from a dream now. There were many nights of crying and many days of cursing ( dont we all do that ? ) if not … then this was where I was at. I was devastated felt rejected, blamed everything and anything on to the little heartbreak.

It took me 3 mindset and business coaches, 1 failed coach choice and a lot of forgiveness work that I can officially declare that I am back to work. More on choosing the right Coach later , but for now I am a firm a believer that you need a community of Artists and creators who understand you , and more intimate this community is better it is .

Having said that, during this time the lessons that I was able to learn are worth Gold, nothing happens without a cause. Everything is there for a reason, I have grown out so much stronger and wiser as a person from this experience and now I truly thank the Art Licensing company for the experience they have helped me go through.

I almost laugh at the story that I shared from a state of mind that was all angry and full of resentment. Sorry but not so sorry…..

Here is my latest Islamic Art painting <3

My first painting (after 7 years) is not stiring me enough from inside , I pulled it up and hung it over my living room wall, but nope I still have to uncover a lot from inside. I looked towards it everyday, continued my daily morning practices for creativity and raising my vibrations to connect to creative muse within me and make it stronger, and as I dd this practice more, the painting started to represent an era of transition and as soon as I overcame that, my heart for done with enjoying the painting ( it is off to a new home now).

#2 I am starting a brand new hand painted furniture business.

It is so hush hush at the moment , I haven’t shared this on social media or anywhere else , infact not even to my family yet 🙂 but you know … I feel close to you , since you are my pen friend I needed to get this out …. 🙂  Dont forget to subscribe to my email list if you want to recieve updates on my creative musings and latest updates.

#3 My website is coming up with a new branding

With so much going on and myself handling that too, it is coming on up slowly but you might have noticed the new home page?

#4 Creative Business School 101

For the past 4 year I’ve yearned to create a Course that is made specifically for Artists and Creatives –

where I can teach you how I’ve created my own product based business using my arts and illustrations and now run it successfully from the comfort of my home.I finally know exactly how I want to teach it and what I will put into the course. It just clicked last week – I can’t wait to tell you more.

My current goal is to get it to you by July 20th , It will teach you not just how to create an online Shop and your own products selling through a stand alone website but also how to create an evergreen funnel to it – so you don’t have to struggle with tech issues and driving traffic to it all the time.make money.

It’s basically teaching you exactly how I run my product based business right now 😉 Most products that teach you how to create a product and a business with a successful funnel go for $997 (no kidding!) but right now I’m planning to launch it for under $100.

So skip one date night and save up your money. This.will.be.so.worth.it!

Phew, that’s it! What a big email with tons of news! As you may see, I’m back from vacation and ready to serve you! Can’t wait to see your success!Got your attention? Just fill out this super-quick feedback form .

juneupdate Breaking out of Artists Block Latest updates on Arts and Creativity

Diary of a Small Business, Freelancer Artist : August Review

Disclosure: There are some affiliate links below and I may receive commissions for purchases made through links in this post. However, these are all products I use myself and thus highly recommend and support.


A lot of time Small Businesses online suffer and fall of the wagon when they have low sales. But I was compelled to share this month progress with other online digital sellers and small business owners in hope that this will somehow help other creative sellers like me .

In this post I will be sharing with you how I spent the month with THE low sales of the year time.I have been doing business online for a while now. But this summer had been the worst in terms of earnings but since there were not many sales to take care of I used the month of June for my own progress and spent most of the time learning a few tools and started integrating them in my own business.

There are two ways that you can face the “precieved failures ” . Either fight these times and take them as an opportunity of your growth or just kick it all goodbye. In the past as well I have shared with you some of my failed months but when i look back at them they were always there to teach me something. So How did this month go? Lets review.


Hired a Coach to get clarity ( FAILED Decision)

Since I had some time in my hands I joined some courses that helped me immensely to look into where I am going and what I am doing . I did hire a couch as well to help me pull through which turned out to be a really bad decision OR choice. Either way again an opportunity in disguise, this helped me clear out “Who NOT to hire as your coach! “. For us Artists there arent many coaches out there mainly because we are creative beings, we love to create art and already are stealing time from our busy life. This creative instinct helps us to move forward in our business but this also sometimes leads to frustrations when we are not able to see things moving forward.

For me the solution to turn my passion into biz involved learning new tech and then creatively twisting it to fit it into my own business using instinct and intuition.

Subscribed to Wham Bam Business Plan Business Plan for Small business owners

I can not be happy more ! , this has been one of the best decisions that I have made to date. Terra of Uncork Your Dork Provides her heart out in a well managed and maintained subscription plan. Wham Bam Business Plan takes you step by step through the various Phases of your business. Why I loved this community and subscription is that it has all the bits and bolts that you need to learn in order to run a business online.
In the past I have been a part of Various subscriptions and since my focus had been entirely on selling products instead on sales, those subscriptions were not helping me much. Although this subscription is also not focused entirely for sellers who are into creating and selling products but this is the best place you can know it all and implement into your business.

Being a member I can do have a special offer if someone else is interested you can signup using my link HERE and get $10 off for the first month and try it out yourself.

Successfully increased sales of Etsy using a few apps and tools.

I was successful in finding a go to business tools usage plan and have it streamlined. Nailing it and found out the best combination that fit my need. The first app in this list is Planoly for instagram, FriendsPlusMe for sharing my content to Google plus communities, Etsy Marketing Tool to autoschedule to Etsy ( get a 14 day free trial if you use this link) , Tailwind (14 day trial if you use this link to signup) to Schedule to pinterest and last but not the least a little script iMacros for Chrome to automate tasks. I will try to write a detail on all of these tools and share my blue print with you soon.


Stats for the month of August

Earned commission of stock photo sites ( I have talked about the details on these websites here)
Dreamstime $26.28 Last uploaded photo on this site 2010 ( I am no longer updating my content there )
Shutterstock $2.86 Last uploaded photo on this site 2010 ( no longer  updating my portfolio here)
Creative Market $10 Last uploaded photo on this site 2014 ( I rarely add something new now)
Wall Stickers & Murals Decalideas at Etsy $3000

istockphoto (12% off on photos when you use this link) 

Favorite Podcasts this month

Oprah’s SuperSoul Conversations

Unshakeable by Tony Robbins

Positive Soul

Dr. Wayne W. Dyer Podcast

Manifestation Babe | Money | Mindset | Manifestation

Business Management Tools that I am loving !

Trello Boards ( used for project management)

2 Checkout for payment processing

Elegant Themes for clients and my own websites

Other Useful tools that I always recommend

My Go to Planner to Streamline my Creative Business Goals

September Followers Goals

  • Blog Subscribers: Increase the numbers of followers and traffic July 2,400 in August 2,301 Goal Sept is 3,301
  • Instagram Followers: 784 followers Gaol 1,000
  • Pinterest: 2,232 followers , Goal 2,500 –  Monthly viewers 131,473 , Goal 1,50,000
  • Email List : 1,230  Goal 1,500
  • Open 2 new Pinterest Group Boards and grow them 
  • Autoschedule Instagram 15 Days content and streamline the process. (I am using Planoly)
  • Autoschedule tweets 15 Days content (I am using Postplanner)

3 Diary of a Small Business, Freelancer Artist : August Review


Start Selling Online


Choose the right Hosting for your WordPress Blog! Your No.1 most important step to be an independent Blogger!


Join millions who have already used the webs most successful Theme ever to build your Blog! “Divi Theme Builder”


Use my favorite Email Marketing Service to build a community of raving fans + potential customers with ConvertKit!


My favorite Pinterest Scheduler “Tailwind” is making all the difference when it comes to skyrocketing your Blog Traffic!


Implement a Trustworthy payment processor to receive Sales earnings with ease


Join the community for creatives and Artists making money online selling Art

How to start an etsy shop series: How to craft a perfect Etsy listing to skyrocket your traffic

I am so excited to be writing this post! , why ? because I know how much value this is going to bring you. If you have an etsy shop or you are thinking about opeing one OR wondering how to start an etsy shop .

Chances are you are struggling with driving traffic to your shop and etsy listings. I was once there… I used to struggle day in and day out and my etsy listings refused to show up in page one or even near that!

And then one day (actually it took years for me to figure it out)  I was finally able to figure it out and was able to successfully bring my listings ranking on the first page.

I was blown away! so excited ! the whole world of SEO for Etsy seemed like a foreign language and a divinci code to me before that I wished I would finally figure out. But infact the whole thing is just a matter of a few tweaks. Today I am feeling excited being able to share this with you.

Disclaimer:  I am not an EXPERT in SEO and I do not claim to KNOW IT ALL. There can be various ways to show up on etsy’s first page, having tried many ways this is the way that worked for me and I am putting this out there in hope that this will help other struggling Artists and crafters trying to make money online or wondering how to start an etsy shop .

Below are some of the Fundamentals of creating a perfect etsy lising. In my upcoming posts I will be sharing with you the tools that I recommend to help you with the process.

How to start an etsy shop and rank on first page of etsyHow to start an etsy shop 3 How to start an etsy shop series: How to craft a perfect Etsy listing to skyrocket your traffic

[mailmunch-form id=”671392″]

For your very basic understanding The skeleton of an etsy listing consists of the following parts

  • The title
  • The description
  • the tags
  • the images

Now lets understand the importance of each of them.

The Etsy listing Title

Etsy provides a space for around 140 characters for you to create a title for the product. in order to create a traffic driving etsy title you can break it into 3 parts.

the beginning

the middle and the rest

Do your long tail keyword research and place your long tail keyword in the very beginning of the title. A long tail keyword is a specific keyword that describes your product, it has a strong search potential on etsy and also on google and it comprises of 3 or more words.

for the middle and the rest you will place your OTHER keywords that also have strong search potential.

So your title could be something like this

Long Tail Keyword, 2nd Choice keyword, 3rd keyword, 4th keyword, 5 keyword, describing words for rest of space.

In my upcoming posts I will help you discover and find these Long tail, 2nd, 3rd , 4th and 5th keywords.

The description

The description is the place where you will entice and grab your customers attention. Your customer has gone through a process and finally landed to your listing now it is upto you to sell your product. imagine you are walking into a store and a woman comes in front of you she is selling a scarf. How do you imagine she will approach you that you fall in love with the scarf enough to open up your wallet.

Here is a scenario

She walks up to you dangles the scarf in front of your eyes and goes on …..
“This scarf is made of wool, the thickness of the wool is perfect for a scarf and it took me 10 days to make it buy it”


She talks about “How this scarf will benefit you” “How this will help you keep the cold away” and “Why this purchase is going to be a good decision”

There you have it ! she sold you the scarf when she talked about YOU not How .

It is as simple as that.

Craft your description with an attention grabbing statement, followed by the problem provide a solution and then give a call to action.

We will be talking just about these parts of a perfect description in the coming posts.

 The Tags

OK , so now you are at the part which actually makes your shop show up in search results, The Tags!. Remember the perfect title that you crafted? take that title and write various tags out of it , various options and possibilities using the keywords used in the title and dont forget to add the descriptive words as well.

The images

Etsy provides 10 images spaces to upload various photos. Use all of them! this does help in how healthy your etsy listing is . A picture is worth a thousand words use your photo space wisely and tell your story!

Ready to craft your own listing?

[mailmunch-form id=”671392″]

How to start an etsy shop 1 How to start an etsy shop series: How to craft a perfect Etsy listing to skyrocket your traffic

Tools that i use and Recommend



Welcome to Art Inspire Studio Resources page, here I have listed the tools and resources that I use and recommend. These are the tools that I can not simply live or blog online without. Occasionally i mention the tools that i use for my graphic design and other technical bits. Here is a list of them all for your easy reference they might be helpful to you too. I do get a little compensation if you purchase anything following my link but these are my top most recommended ones.

 Contains affiliate links*
I always have my readers’ best interest at heart and I truly believe that all the resources on this page can help you build and grow your blog or online business.
As I continue to learn more, I’ll add to the list. So check back again! ^-^


Below you’ll find a list of what this resource page contains and how they are organised. I hope it helps you find what you’re looking for

  • Exclusive Content & Freebies
  • Exclusive Deals
  • Resources Of The Month


  • Start Your Own Blog
  • Blogging Tools
  • Blog Themes
  • WordPress Plugins


  • Email Marketing
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Social Media Tools
  • Photography
  • Organisation Tools


  • Online Courses
  • Top Ebooks
  • Book Recommendations

Email Marketing


Convert kit

For email marketing convert kit is the best one out there. If you have a smaller email list or trying to figure out the whole concept of Email Marketing you can start for free which Mailchimp but with convertkit you can easily segment your readers and send them personalized content so your engagement level is always booming.


if you have a smaller email list and hoping to start off small then i will recommend MailChimp . My mailchimp account has around 5 email lists . Once you get to know this tool it is very easy to use.

Web & Graphic Design

Photoshop & illustrator

Adobe Photoshop  and Adobe Illustrator ir?t=artinsstu 20&l=as2&o=1&a=B00CS75N2I Tools that i use and Recommend are the best pals for me , as I use them everyday . My number one tool  however is Photoshop . If you are starting out in learning photoshop you can get photoshop 7 which is free. You can download photoshop free to get sarted.


I recently seriously started using Canva , it does have some limitations when it comes to design , but overall it is a great tool for people who dont have enough knowledge of photoshop or illustrator to create graphics for their businesses.

Social Media

There are tons of tools for social media but I recommend the following


I use hootsuite as a free tool at the moment and it is working fine for me . I have my instagram and twitter connected to Hootsuite. That way I can easily schedule messages for the period of a month in batch & push posts for instagram with ease. I love this tool !


Archie is another tool if you are looking for some automation in the very begining of starting to use instagram. Although I do not like the use of automation tools which like and just that. But if you are initially startign up with instagram just to get a number of followers visible on your account I think it is a great tool.

Video editing


One of favourite tool which working is Snagit , from screen capture to creating graphics to screencast , this little tool is great for everyday use. Since my kids like to try their hands on recording minecraft videos even they can use it . Hands down simple to use !

Camtasia Studio 8 – Academic [Download]ir?t=artinsstu 20&l=as2&o=1&a=B00HCOFSXQ Tools that i use and Recommend

Workflow tools


Next to trello , I use airtable to manage my personal finances list, as well as the resources and quick links.


A very practical tool indeed , it zaps bit of tasks for you while you sleep . Examples of zaps it can trigger are like add your subscribers of one list to another , send email , Automating tasks , posting your Instagram posts to other social media and so on.


Like zapier , IFTTT can be really handy . I use ifttt to take items from my rss feed of etsy shop and then spread them over the social media networks. So once I publish a new product it is automatically posted to many channels , including but not limited to facebook , twitter and blogger.


I used trello to plan my week ahead see my sample board here


My Income Streams

Photoshop Brushes & Cliparts

I just recently closed my etsy shop and decided to sell from my own shop . While I am still in the process of shifting products you will find a few of my designs still available.

Creative Market

Creative market is my go to site when I need fonts or graphics. I use to like graphic river but on creative market you will find far more superior quality of work.

15 places to sell stock images and graphics from.

I do earn comission on selling my stock graphic and images , in a recent post i have share 15 plces that you can also use to sell your graphics from.

Keeping Track of Money




Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fearir?t=artinsstu 20&l=as2&o=1&a=1594634718 Tools that i use and Recommend

I love love love this book , I got my hands on this one just recently and I think every artist should read this.
Tell Your Time: How to Manage Your Schedule So You Can Live Freeir?t=artinsstu 20&l=as2&o=1&a=B005F0H7BK Tools that i use and Recommend

if you are into time management then this book is one that you should be looking into.

Website & Blog Design

Blue host

Blue host is regarded as the best hosting web platforms out there . If you are starting a blog or looking into shifting to a new hosting provider then this should be your choice of hosting provider.



How to start a Blog

12 Years ago i was looking for ways to improve my graphic skills and i was looking high and low over the internet trying to find some tutorials. Coming out masters in Fine Arts (Majors in paintings) with no knowledge of ANY graphic related software i was fascinated to put the paint brushes down .

I was clueless but thanks to my habit of reading lots , i digged deeper into the Adobe illustrator help section. And started drawing !.

Not long after that i wondered if there are more people looking for tutorials on graphics out there trying to learn. So i started creating tutorials by creating screenshots and thus my blog was born.

I believe that every person is expert in a field one way or another and i believe that world must know that knowledge.

Now 12 years fast forward i would like to share the knowledge of how you can start a blog for yourself too. If you ever wondered how to start a blog and the whole process seems daunting for you then this post is for you.

I will take you step by step over next series of posts showing you how to start a blog of your own , share your knowledge and ideas. Best of all I will step by step show you all the technical parts around that.

And if you are a graphic designer or illustration artist like me then you must be looking for ways to start sharing your works or showcase your portfolio or simply get some clients through your blog .

I will walk you through some of the simple steps to start off your work portfolio blog that is self hosted , and works on a wordpress engine.

Setting up your own blog / portfolio is so easy and quick ! . You can start right away and once you are finished following these simple instructions you will find your blog up and running in no time.

Starting to blog a step by step Guide

All you have to do is to follow these simple 3 steps. Lets do it!

Disclaimer: Please note that some of the links that i share are affiliate links , I receive a fraction of money if you purchase something from these links. I recommend these because i have myself used them and believe in the validity of them. I have been using most of these since last 12 years .

Steps to Start a Blog

1- Domain name and Hosting
2-Wordpress installation
3-Dressing it up.

Step 1

Domain name and hosting.

1First and foremost we need to have a name for a our blog (Domain Name) , which is nearly the most fun filled part of the whole process . Here is how to accomplish this step.

I recommend to make a list before you google the name for your blog .Make a list of the names that you have in mind , this can either include your own name OR a name which you have picked for your business. After you have a possible list , mark out the best of best which you hope to get . Or you can try Bust a Name service It allows you to type in some key words you want to use in your domain name and suggests available combinations. Just spend some time trying around you might find the perfect name for your blog.

Now that you have found the perfect name you would want to register at ASAP. Next head on over to BlueHost Or Go-Daddy

I recommend both of these service providers as i have used them for over 12 years now and never thought of looking another way. Below is step by step showing hostmonster screen shots but the setup is pretty much the same with both of these hosting providers.

Setting up hosting with HOSTMONSTER

1) You will be presented with the button to SIGN UP NOW . click on that . Dont worry even if you don’t plan to sign up right now you can just go ahead and check the domain availability in the next coming step.

But through this link you will be getting Free domain with the hosting .


if you decide to go with Bluehost

1) Navigate to This link You’ll be re-directed to Bluehost through my affiliate link and you may get a few additional perks for signing up through my code. (Thank you for your support!) Click the big green “Get Started Now” button.

You will be presenting with a screen with some options. You can go ahead and choose starter this will be just enough for now.


Click on Select and you will be presented with a screen where you can choose to either just Purchase a Domain Name OR get a free domain name with a hosting account.


2) Make your choice ! .

TIP:  If you choose to pay for multiple months that will save you a bit of cash as well.

NEXT type in the domain name you wish to have and click Next.

You will see a form and possibly a congratulation message if your preferred domain name is available. Choose the best possible price package for yourself and all the other details requested and hit submit.

This is it ! you have a domain name and if you chose for hosting you a have a free domain name and paid hosting 🙂


WordPress installation

For a blogging platform i will recommend a wordpress installation . And with Hostmosnter the option is so easy with just a few clicks .

Now that you have signed up login to your Cpanel with your login details.



Click on the On-Click installs button under Mojo Maketplace panel.

you will be presented with a new window that is the account of Mojo MarketPlace , look for the icon of WordPress click it.


After you click WordPress you will be prompted with next page in the browser Hit Install.



Select the domain you would like to install to

and just check the following boxes to start the installation



Thats it ! you are done!

you should receive an email once you installation is complete . This email should contain the login details to  your blog.

You are now a proud owner of a self hosted blog ready to publish some works or start posting.


Dress it up

There are great themes that can be really quickly downloaded and uploaded to wordpress with a few clicks and your blog will be as pretty as a dude or a lady.

My personal favorite place to purchase some themes is Theme Forest.My Current theme is Bazar theme . Just because i am an illustration artist and i dont know much of coding part i prefer to purchase the theme and just set up the site in a few minutes .

I will share with you in a next coming post how to download , and then upload a theme.

And thasts how easy it is to start a blog! . At this point you are all ready to start publishing through your blog . I would recommend that you take some time out and install a few supportive plugins that will make your life whole lot easier during the process

Like get a Editorial , decide what you will post about  , How often you will post and once you are ready start posting .

If you ever have any questions about the technical side of setting up a blog or having some troubles or concerns or questions, please ask away in the comments, and we’ll try to help as best we can. No go out there and rock the blogging world!!

OR take the plunge and go right ahead explore the possibilities.

Capture How to start a Blog

Art licensing What is it ? My Artistic journey – PART1

Those of you who have been following my blog might have read about  me talking about Art licensing and what it is ? Well here is a little explanation for the newbies . I consider myself as a newbie as well . But i would like to share the little knowledge that i have with fellow artists.

Art licensing in short is selling your Art to be turned into products . Like greeting cards you can get in a shop , dinnerware you can use , curtains and furniture and what not , all the everyday usage stuff.

This is my story of how i started working towards licensing art. Its a girl’s journey with no one who could provide guidance what so ever.

I have spent 12 years working as a graphic designer , doing logo design , graphic design , web design , blog design and small print projects . Since i was just doing all of this out of my own interest I really never thought of a Goal that i might want to reach or get to. I was doing custom characters for good companies like Prothemer (Now themebutler) , Cheat-a-chick and more. And slowly my work was evolving but i was out of path that connected to my self.

bc740e364815efc161b21f55da384c2f Art licensing What is it ? My Artistic journey - PART1

Mascot for Cheat a Chick by one8edegree Art licensing What is it ? My Artistic journey - PART1

Read about myself as a graphics designer here

After i got married and like MOST and many of the families we came across financial difficulties i knew working on graphics is not a hobby anymore ! .  After i had 2 kids and more responsibilities and challenges of their better education came ahead i got more serious about how to turn this hobby into a profession. We started working together as One8edegree Studios (Click the link to read more about us as one8edegree)

Till now i was not going after any projects , just blogging , guest posting  and sharing freebies , managing this blog (in good old days i was earning revenue through sponsorship on this blog) and just for fun creating new sites playing around with wordpress platform i found it all getting a bit toooooo boring.

So i started selling my illustrations as Clip Arts (a term i never liked when it came to selling my illustrations ) , creating party invitations and helping my DH in running his Wall Decal business. These pet projects were keeping us busy but not really turning in good money.

I had to find a way where i can still be an ARTIST and a stay at home Mom , and earn some cash out of professionally.

I came across some lovely blogging artists who were updating their blog stream with surface design products and their own designed physical items.

Well that sounds interesting ! i thought and started searching for what they are doing .

Reading blogs to their starting archive , reading their journey although some of the artist were being generous about sharing their products but it seems that they were NOT blogging before they actually got their hands on a product designed by themselves.

And while  doing graphic designing i fell across digital stamp artists and crafters community , i loved what these ladies were doing creating hand made cards! .

recycled-card-aifactory-challenge-300x300 sept-8th-challenge-300x300

Oh i know how to draw , they are looking for digital drawings in outlines (Digital Stamps) i can do that! , i thought and spent next year creating drawings and drooled over the lovely creations these crafters made using my drawings.

anne Art licensing What is it ? My Artistic journey - PART1

Although i loved watching beautiful creations that these crafter did using my illustrations , it wasn’t paying me much! Lets face it .. it is a fact that we all need money! With kids growing it was getting harder to make ends meet day by day. We both tried with jobs on and off and after the Political and geographical hardships our country was going through there were no well paid jobs.

And when i weighed the pay offered to the time spent with my kids , i knew the answer ” I want to be around my kids!” i will feed them within means , i will send them to a slightly less fees but i want to be around them!. Which brought me back again to working from home.

So i continued searching…….

Join me next week to read about my journey , i will be sharing my next attempts in field of graphic design turning into art lincesing .

And how i am still struggling as an artist. .. joining my newsletter is a good idea to get to know when i post second episode to my story!

see you around



Is it too late? Setting goals for 2012

I have been talking about this over my newsletter and have been tweeting and sharing status on Facebook , my big plans of 2012 .
They are something which might be the same as anyone who is trying to set themselves up as artists and designers. Mine are also some really basic but big ones!

1- Make enough money to cover our house hold expenses , and buy and upgrade some of my basic house office supplies , including but not limited to
a-getting a Laptop (Since i broke my laptop’s screen)
b- get a new pen tablet
c- Get a new Printer.
2- Decrease my working time and give more time to my son who had started to fall a bit behind in his studies.
3- And last but not the least get a Licensing contract.

girl ready to shop online thumb10079598 Is it too late? Setting goals for 2012

I have been exploring ground for flourishing as a freelancer , i quit my day job 4 years back and have gradually increased my monthly earning , by running my illustration store , selling illustrations through etsy , my designed Decals , getting some custom character illustrations .
My sales have gradually increased but not as much as i hoped it , I have had urges to hire help at times , to manage sites and blogs that i work on but there are things that i think , i can only , manage (which i realize is not a practical way to proceed forward ).
Keeping in view my goals for 2012 i have come across a crossroad in my career , where i am still exploring which direction i must take my work to.
Must i do character illustrations more , book illustration , expand my party invitations site or work more on my illustration store?

these are the questions that i would like to have answered.
Have you come across a cross road in your career where you find yourself lost?
Have you found your way? if yes then how?

Should a designer be working through service provider freelance sites?

[private]I think not ! Nov28 Should a designer be working through service provider freelance sites?

Service provider sites  for freelance graphic designers are the sites which provide a platform for designers and clients where they can set up and provide and get  work done. Many leading designers and artists choose to stay away from these kind of sites because of the uncertainty of being paid on time and full amount .My experience had been the same.. I shoud’ve listened to their advice :).

Nov28 Should a designer be working through service provider freelance sites?

While trying to expand my clientele I looked for these site , wasted lots and lots of time in updating my portfolio on these site. Creating folders , managing , writing non ending forms of terms and blah blah…  and when eventually I was being paid I faced some strange behaviors by clients , using “unauthenticated” credit cards for payment . OR as soon as the file was delivered “AFTER” client is  “Happy ” with the work. Client claiming a refund as the work was “NOT” according to their requirement!.

When something like this happens remember THESE service provider sites are not playing fair. As the amount of profit that these sites are gaining are from the clients site. Who puts the money in your mouth? hmmm…

image28 Should a designer be working through service provider freelance sites?

But if you do decide to work through sites like Elance , Liveperson , Freelancer or odesk there is some extra work that you need to do . And that extra work is first doing your homework on the client you are going to start work with .

1- Check the rating of the client
2- How many project the client has already paid for , some sites show how much project and payments they have done and are reviewed back as well . So don’t go desperate to start working for just ANY client.
3- Read thorough the description it is always wise and nice to know if the client is ready to make down payment.
4-If you can which i think you should , Google the name of the company you are going to work for .
5- Most of these sites work through bids , If you do win a bid and get a project make sure that you have all your terms and conditions of work at hand.

Business Solution

© Photographer: Rolmat | Agency: Dreamstime.com

There are designers who are getting paid well and getting enough works through these sites , but then again it is not just the matter of how you handled the client , my advice is just remember that if something goes wrong most of these sites are going to with the Person seeking service and very often the service provider.IF this is something that seems ok with you in a ratio of 1 from 15 projects ….then i would say .. Happy hunting! ;)[/private]

Selling Photos Online for Beginners

selling photos online for beginners and getting paid

How to Sell Photos online Free and Get paid for your work?

PS: this post contains affiliate links ( that is one way of how I make money online) 🙂

What if someone would come and give you a certificate that you can earn a living out of your creativity .

What if you find out that magic formula which many artists are using online and earning peace of their mind and luxuries of life. Can you imagine waking up everyday with a new idea , and once the idea is converted it serves as another earning source for you.

Yes it is possible !

Can you really get paid selling photos online as a beginner that supports your living?

I struggle with answering this question.

I hear it all the time of the last 16 years I have been working as an illustration Artist . Earning from my creative process and my art. I am not saying or implementing anything out of the ordinary and I am certainly not doing something that no one else is doing .
There are plenty and  by plenty I mean too many , by too many i mean tons and tons of Artists just like me who are earning from selling their work online. So if others can do it so can you!

My Story Selling Photos Online for a living.

I studied Art as a traditional artist, did my masters in paintings but currently I rarely do any paintings . My work is all digital and digital is the world where I sell and earn from my Art and I always wondered how can i sell my photos online for money

My Daily Routine

My aim for sharing my daily routine is not to show off, but to inspire you that there exists a possibility of freedom and if you set your direction towards it you can have it too.

 I don’t wake up everyday worrying about rushing to work , getting there on time and then work till they let me go?

Hmmm not the ideal working situation for an artist right?.

My usual day starts at 4:30 AM . I wake up , say my prayers , mediate , exercise , fix breakfast and lunch for my kids . After sending them to school I turn to my creative corner with a cup of coffee. Work when I want to as much as I want to , I enjoy financial freedom and I enjoy my work process. This is exactly how everyone should be living in true essence. This is everyone’s devine right to enjoy freedom to be creative.

Can anybody do it ?

Yes everyone can , to reach this point I have come from times when I rarely slept 5 hours at night .Struggled with paying loans and spending days penniless. Yes that was the time but I worked day and night .Now , at this stage I only work 3-4 hours per day. And enjoy my financial freedom.

retro vintage portrait woman holding camera photographer having bob hair cut working 42754817 Selling Photos Online for Beginners

So what is it that I do exactly?

If you were to meet me in a cafe or lift and you will ask me the same question I will probably simply respond “I am an Artist”. But since we are here with a connection of reading and writing I will tell you more.

  • I am an illustration artist , I create illustrations for other brands and businesses
  • I have a digital shop where I sell my illustrations
  • I have a party invitations shop where i sell my invitations and custom designs.
  • I sell my art on POD (print on demand sites)
  • I create Art for Canvas and products , I am surface pattern designer
  • I sell my art on products through my own website.
  • I create Wall Decals
  • I am a writer , I write content for other websites and for my own.
  •  am a graphic designer I design print and web content.
  • I teach other Artists how to earn a creative living online.

For me creativity is an act of turning your vision or ideas into reality . It is not that not everyone is creative , I believe that we all have a creative soul inside of us . Waiting to be discovered and given a life of its own.

What is Creativity anyway?

artist work portrait happy palette hands foreground 33427308 Selling Photos Online for Beginners

This creative soul is part of all of us , young or old , we all have the power to transform our ideas into reality.

Creativity is limitless and in many forms. Perhaps that is why since the evolution of mankind human race does not run out of ideas.It comes in many forms . Same idea  can take a form of painting , a doodle , a book a piece of sewing , craft, food , product or anything!.

There is whole lot of creativity in yourself waiting to be discovered . Creativity waits for you to talk to it and then come out as your buddy . A buddy you can rely on and if you are able to create that connection , creativity can help you manifest your dreams and money as well.

I have been in the creative business since last 16 years and I have been a creative since last 40 years. I have been busy creating , drawing since as long as I can remember.

It was a shared believe that I heard a lot that creativity is God’s gift that only few have. But the more i started working creatively , I realized that creativity is in all of us in one form or another . We just need to explore it For some, creativity demands more to surface up , for some it is easier to have a great connection with creative process. But , it is there in all of us.

I remember while I was doing my MFA . We had an artist amongst us who was not really good at drawing. She had difficult time connecting to that creative person inside her. But she WANTED to connect to that creative soul. While rest of us would step away once in a while from our works she would continue erasing , redrawing , erasing re-drawing .

The result you ask?

She stood second in the MFA exams.

This lead me to believe it more that creativity is in all of us waiting to be discovered and waiting to be found.But sometimes it does become demanding , which does not mean that you have less of it.

How to embody the creative aspect of yourself and connection with your creativity?

Speaking to your creative soul is not as hard as it sounds. God is the ultimate Artist , it is one of his qualities, and he has distributed a fraction of his qualities among human souls.

You just need to connect and work towards waking that part of you.
Believe in yourself

The one and foremost thing that you need to concentrate on first is to have believe in yourself that you are a creative soul. Denial, discouragement and not practicing all lead to failure in any form of adventure with creativity.

The breathing living creative soul needs its food and that food is your trust in yourself . You need to be confident of your abilities and that you have this God given quality in yourself.

How to invoke Creativity ?

There are a few ways that will help you invoke your creativity and help it grow and flourish . These ways go hand in hand with the creative process and are their to stay with ANY creative process for life of it.


I believe in doing experiments , experiment is food for creativity. Just as air to your lungs and food for your body is essential for living . Experimentation and practice are needed in order to invoke your creative within.

Remember , Not all experiments are successful , Its a process…..

Experimentation and then failure, experimentation and then success it is all part of the creative process.If you fail take it as an opportunity to learn something . Celebrate failure cause you learned something new out of it. Enjoy the process.

2-Love the Creative Process

Imagine if you are going to get married to the person that you love, you are so overwhelmed and you can only see positives in that person. You are oblivious to the negative aspects of the personality of that person.


Because you are ignoring those traits unconsciously. You dont want to “imagine” that anything negative about the person yo love really exist.

Fast forward a few years, the power of ignoring diminishes , and you start seeing OTHER traits of that person as well.

Just like that , get married to creativity by falling in love , love the failures ,ignore the hurdles and if you do come in contact with a few learn from them .  Failure is only an indication towards what not to do next time.


Creativity loves repetition ,the more time you spend with your creative process the more dear and near you become to creativity. Concentrate on ONE skill at a time and then make it a point to repeatedly do that task everyday. Set a reminder , set a fixed time just do it . If this is something that you believe will be a driving force m pushing you towards your success then do not give up, believe that every failure has a success hidden inside. Whenever you fail at something , look at the lesson that it brings you.
Step away from the mindset and grief of failing , rise above and see at the state from a higher and different perspective, universe is teaching you lessons that are essential as traits required for the person that you are wanting to be. 

So just breathe and come back to the task with a brand new perspective and if at all possible come back feeling joy and dedication.

It is not that you will be able to start drawing or sketching in a day or two , it is really not that any school or course can teach you to draw in a week or month. You need to go on a date with your creative soul everyday. If there is no commitment , creativity leaves you and finds another soul-mate.

4-Not all forms of creativity will bring you money

I hate to be break this new for you , trust me . But not all forms of creativity will bring you money. There is a creative form which is MORE soulful , which is almost like a prayer. This form mostly call your higher self for connection. This form is not there to manifest money and moolah , this form ONLY brings inner peace and serenity . You are creative for the sake of being soulful only. Turn back and look at the Masters in Arts , they painted creatively all their lives . They lived a life of poverty most of them, their art was only recognized after they died. That my friend is a soulful higher form of creativity that is not there to attract money. But that IS the truest of its from.

5-Creativity will bring you money

Yes just as there is a form of creative pleasure that does not bring any money there is another form as well. That is my friend the commercial Art . As an artist you overlook what your soul speaks , not necessarily you create for your soulful peace you create for the love of money. There is no harm or shame in wanting to earn from your Art , as this too is a blessing to have.

6-Creativity will not bring you money overnight

Slow down , enjoy the process and build up on one skill at a time . Looking at the list of creative processes that I have my hands dipped into , you might be thinking that I have a long list of tasks to do everyday. Fact is over the years I learned each skill set one by one . Expanded into another branch when I was confident of one. Practice and take one skill to a level of money conversion and then move forward. Do not leave a skill halfway , love what you are working on taking it to next level slowly. The next big creative branch will automatically open up for you.

You must step on first ledder find your balance before you take the next step.


Forms of Creativity that you can sell online

Now I can go on and on about the creative process and my mate creativity . But I know that you dear creative person downloaded this e-book to learn how to earn from your creativity.

Chances are that you have already decided upon which creative process you would like to join hands with .

Equal chances are you are still unsure !.

In the later case below are some of the ideas you can use to sell your creativity online.

Try to find ONE that resonates with you if you are starting out , and try to spread your wings to another if you are already in the game.


Brainstorm what you can sell online here are some ideas to get you started.

  • Sell Digital Graphics
  • Sell photoshop actions
  • Sell photoshop templates
  • Sell stock photography
  • Sell stock illustrations
  • Sell graphics on POD sites
  • Sell sewing patterns
  • Sell knitting patterns
  • Sell digital art
  • Sell courses
  • Sell Paintings
  • Sell Art Prints
  • Sell greeting cards
  • Sell handmade crafts
  • Sell Services online


I’d say that this is just a start ~ there are many other creative ways to sell your creativity online.


Now take the idea of your choice and think about it as a business. Here is an example.

You know photoshop

You can sell digital art , sell photoshop actions , photoshop templates , graphic design templates , visiting card designs teach graphic design and photoshop.

You know sewing

You can sell sewing patterns , sell hand sewn items, sell step by step tutorials .

You know illustrator

Sell your illustration services , sell stock illustrations , create cards and artprints , sell on POD sites.

So on and so forth……. Take your creative idea and expand it into the possibilities BE CREATIVE!


Find your Skill

Narrow your next step down to one skill / item at a time.

For example if you are a photographer write down everything that you can do with your photography. All the ways you can earn money from your skill set . Include local services as well. Perhaps you have access to your local market where you can sell better than online? .Brain dump everything out .

Now circle ONE thing that is small , attainable , doable and you can easily master it .

For example you might already have a full drive of photography that you can package and start submitting to Stock photography site ? OR through other creative websites? Take your time move slowly. And then build up on that once you have enough material on one dimension or venue expand to another.

I started by selling stock illustrations , in the beginning my process was something like .

1-Look at the market what sells
2-Create inspiration board
3-Create illustration
4-Keyword research
4-Package for sites according to requirement and submit to stock sites.

NOW the same process is somewhat like this

1-Look at the market what sells
2-Create inspiration board
3-Create illustration
4-Keyword research
5-Brainstorm product ideas
6-Modify illustration to fit various products
7- Create product mockups
8-Create product specification illustrations
9-Seo product Page
10-Create Social media Content and Graphics for sharing
11-Write a blog post about the product
12-Send a newsletter about product
13-Contact wholesale stores with the products quarterly

You can see how I am also recycling my one idea? Giving birth to an idea is just 10% of the job creating product is 20% of the job and the rest you can very well see the line of efforts in selling this.

But fear not most of these tasks can be automated , the above mentioned process is what all the ideas go through but not necessarily I’m the one doing all these steps.








Now that you have the idea and you are pretty sure that this will work . What to do next? First and fore-most before you dip your hands into paint bucket , do some research.

  • Are there other people creating this stuff ?
  • What form are they selling this in ?
  • How are they packaging it ?
  • How many are they selling?
  • What subject is selling the most?
  • Which market place is best for this idea?
  • Are there any derivatives or supporting products that I can make ?
  • Who is my direct competitor ?
  • Which social media they are performing better on?
  • How many marketplaces they are selling on?
  • Which market you will start selling from?

And so on and so on……
Write down your research and create an action plan .



Brand Your name , give yourself a name that you will be selling online with , is it your own name? . Do you want to sell by the name of a brand? . In the real early phase come up with an appropriate logo for your brand . Secure a domain name , secure social media accounts by that name. Branding is one of the most essential and integral part of your plan of selling online.  

Your name should be unique and one that speaks to your style . One that you are passionate and serious about. I will suggest that you should get the logo done professionally as this is will go places with you ! But if you are comfortable with your own illustration and graphics skill you can totally DIY it .


Getting noticed

By this point you must have noticed that the whole idea of “getting paid to be creative” has slowly moved to somewhere out of the scene. You must have realised by now that as creatives we aren’t going to be paid to be creative instead we will be paid because we are creative intellectual business women and men.

We will be constantly strategizing new ways to bring in income and grow our creative business. Unless we test and find new ways to market and make new sales processes we will fail.  While I was exploring and learning the process of “getting paid to be creative” I made many mistakes. At times I was working on too many things and finally when I decided to let go of creative processes that were not serving me , I flourished.

You see if those failures in my creative process never existed I wouldn’t have been where I am today.

We aren’t getting paid to be creative. We’re getting paid because we are intellectual businesswomen. We take our business seriously and structure it to pay us. We are constantly strategizing new ways to bring in income and grow our business. We test new ways to market, make new sales processes, and offer new things in new ways. And we do it over and over again.

I started with 0.30$ for my first sale online and currently I earn $4000 straight off.

Its a process and every process takes time.


Skills required to sell online.

Well that’s the tricky part , When i started my work online back in 2005 the internet world was so simple to hone into. Find a place and get seen , but oh my not anymore!

You have to fight for your place and you have to be very knowledgeable of some tricks to be seen and sell successfully.

I get that you are an artist and you are looking for ways to sell Art Online and start getting paid for your work right now. Gone are the days when you were limited to local business, now you can expand your reach worldwide and sell art online for a good chunk of money as well.
I have een selling art online since last 16 years , ofcourse during these 16+ years I have struggled and tried to find ways to sell art effectively and to do that I took many courses which were not exactly directed towards only selling art.

My journey started with first creating logos, then selling custom illustrations , selling illustrations packed and packaged in various forms including to but not limited to Greeting cards, products, sufrface patterns , custom portraits and cliparts.
All of these are just a few ways that you can make money selling art online, the ways that you can create and sell art is definitely not limited .
In this post I will try to break up the various ways that you can package and sell your art online.
First of all it has been soooooooooooo long since i last wrote ! in ages right! , well i have been writing this little post for a while now and i think it is now time to have it published!!
Aivault regular readers might already know that i am an illustration artist who is selling her work through different stock sites. My Journey towards where i am is a very interesting one atleast for me 🙂 . When i started off i had no guide that lead me into selling my work . I was working in a telecom company where i was hired to create seasonal promos and ads , since the job was very seasonal i spent my time exploring sites and pretty much just browsing for cool creative and artistic stuff. At some point i stumbled upon stockexpert’s free image site sxc.hu  , which slowly led me into submitting my application to the main site Stockexpert in order to start selling a few of my illustrations.  Since i always created my own illustrations for the job i had in hand , and since i was a self taught graphic designer i had no idea that there were sites selling illustrations and photographs that you can actually buy and then incorporate into my work … hmm funny right ? 🙂 So , in short i when i sold my first illustration through Stockexpert i was so excited! , although the money in return was not that much at that time but it was great knowing that i can really become independent! One of my very first illustrations  is infact my best selling one and in a period of two years this single image has returned over $1000 ! and is still selling .

World kids 1 © Photographer: One8edegre | Agency: Dreamstime.com

This image is available through Dreamstime , shutterstock , 123RF , Crestock and my own store Aifactory
Soon after my initial submissions i had a questions are there other sites where i can sell same images? answer was definitely yes! . At that time i had just started working on illustrator and i was so thrilled to create more images that i started looking for tutorial sites to help me in the process , and really i found not many that showed me how to use simple basic tools!. So this lead me to creating a blog ie Aivault.com where i started writing tutorials  , and besides that started offering free illustrations every friday. The formula was so simple and it worked like a charm! . Pretty soon the ad space on Aivault.com was returning me $250 in ads space. and around 5000-6000 visitors daily! which could have been better if only i was keen at returns from the tutorial site which was at that time one of the very few around. This  ad revenue was Not much but i was happy doing what i liked and being rewarded in return. Here is one more point that i would like to mention that basically i am painter and all i learned was through exploration and dedication. I knew nothing of computers beyond using msn and browsing for interesting sites or resources to gather inspirations and looking at the works of painters , and artist. Gradually i taught myself , wordpress , how to install , how to handle database , SEO and what i had no idea i would be doing ! 🙂 pretty soon i wanted to sell my work independently aivault now has a store attached to it where i am selling pretty much the same work i am selling at stock sites . But the point is It is mine! I am writing this short story just to move on to the main concept of this post which is how YOU can sell YOUR  illustration and work and here i would like to share a few of my experiences , which i learned the hard way ….

What are stock illustrations? The artist on an open-air

Photo credits © Photographer: Flycat | Agency: Dreamstime.com
Stock photography or Stock illustrations is a term that refers to photographs or Vector illustrations that can be licensed for public or commercial use, which are usually found on professional stock photography websites. These are photographs that can be used for any purpose in marketing, advertising, or design, as long as it is not illegal or harmful. Rather than shoulder the expense of hiring a photographer to take unique photos, many advertising companies,graphic designers, web designers, and other professionals frequently take advantage of stock photography to fill their design needs.

Becoming a stock illustration artist ?

in Order to become a successful stock illustration artist you need to have a mind willing to think For the person sitting at the other side , looking for images on a specific subject. Mostly images are used for designers who compile these images for their specific purpose , there are two ways which you can submit your works in either a fully subjective illustration , second an element to begin creating art with . here is an examples . Secondly each site has its pretty much the same files submitting rules which you must follow but there are some point when you will feel frustrated when the files are turned down because of some itsy bitsy little flaws , A while back i wrote about how to over come these little file issues in one of my posts Ultimate Handbook for illustrations for Clients also another post about Useful Plugins for illustrator might also help you a bit
Cowboy vector setCowboy card
Photo Credits © Photographer: One8edegre | Agency: Dreamstime.com

Becoming independent

I remember during my early days of learning about graphic design a friend of mine said to me , “Think independent , think of a product created in your own field which you can sell and resell ” , this advice got stuck somewhere , my mind started running in circles what can i create as a graphic designer which becomes my product?.. interesting right?… This was realized in form of Vector brushes which i released through my blog now available through store. These brushes were pretty basic ones but they got more attention than what i was expecting. While i created stock illustrations i explored illustrator and was very much facinated with the ability to create brushes and speed up the work process. Hence birth of my very first product , vector brushes !.  i created very basic brush sets for my own work process and then started selling them through Aivault.com

Embroidery Borders Vector Brushes

thumb2 Selling Photos Online for Beginners

Floral Brush Pack :: V2

thumb2 Selling Photos Online for Beginners

Ornate-Vector Brushes

thumb2 Selling Photos Online for Beginners

So far the response had been great , i have made these brushes commercial use OK , which means that you can create and sell products using these brushes. stock illustrations as well. Creating these brushes was a starting point for me to launch my own store hence the birth of Aifactory . And then  after this i just find myself creating base products ie sources like photoshop brushes , frames , borders , vectors for such uses as invitation design , stock illustrations , photographer resources ,digital stampscrafters resources and more and now i am hooked! and in short i am now an independent mom working from home at my own pace , while i keep an eye on my kids :). Thats what i call independence as an artist and as a graphic designer. It is not that i am limited to creating products now i receive custom illustration requests and i simply enjoy doing what i do ! no boss!! i call this my Flight of independence , but still i havent reached my targets which i have planned about .  If this has inspired you a little bit and you are interested in becoming independent artist , or a stock illustrations artist below you will find links to some of the leading stock sites.

Sites where you can sell your stock illustrations.

I have aso covered this topic in detail in another post how to sell photos online and make money
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Selling Photos Online for Beginners
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selling photos online for beginners and getting paid

Swans for Peace : Digital Illustrations Series : PRINT 1

[private]swan Swans for Peace : Digital Illustrations Series : PRINT 1It is time to do an exhibition of work ! For so long i wanted to do a digital painting exhibition of work . And once again i am setting my mind up for it. Since i got caught up into doing more work for money i painted and i illustrated less for that “peace of mind”… . But here is a new series of works evolving from my past experience with digital tools. (more…)

illustrator Pattern Brushes for All Access Members Area

preview1 illustrator Pattern Brushes for All Access Members Area

Recently trying to create fractal designs i created a brush set , the brush set is simple with 6 brushes but once i got into creating fractal designs it got more interesting as i experimented more with it.

art1 illustrator Pattern Brushes for All Access Members Area
you can view a small preview of the piece i am working here but while doing so feeling generous here is the brush set for you to download and use!

There are plenty of brushes available throughout the net which can aid to your creative work.


Unzip the file and drag and drop the files in the following folders
programme files / adobe / adobe illustrator / Presets / Brushes
We have tried and tested these brushes for both Windows and Mac if you install them correctly they will work .


Create unlimited artworks use them again and again , draw a curve or line and click the brush you would like to use . Make sure your file is set to scale strokes and effects .

Edit> Prefrences > General
When you are done creating select your complete artwork and expand the appearance .

Installation instructions:

Assuming that no Brush palette is open .
Go to WindowBrushes (short cut F5)

Click on the small arrow on the window panel of Brushes Open Brush Library Other Library to browse to a new brush file or the brush set already loaded.

Help & Tutorials for using brushes

Vector Tip#2:- Changing appearance of Scatter Brushes

Illustrator Tip : Changing Appearance of Brushes

Each item was hand drawn by myself. These are original copyrighted . ALL rights held by me.


Creating a logo the easy way? Part 1

[private]It has taken me hours in the start to create a logo , Although I would still not call myself a master in logo creation but I have made many customers happy with what they have received . After years of practice one does gets at a point where he/she can achieve some short cuts. One of my short cuts is that  I keep template files when working for illustrator as there are plenty of times when you come across a similar project . There are two ways to work either you show Your aesthetics or you create what the client likes.

HOW to : Create a Personalized Badge for your site



title HOW to : Create a Personalized Badge for your site Every next Website has a 100% money back guarentee icon ,Creating one of your own is more fun when you have total control over all the elements of it In this tutorial my aim is not only on showing you how to create the icon but you will also practice and experience few of the tools of illustrator and some ways you use for your creative purposes.