Graphic Design Tip : Converting Pngs to JPGs Batch image conversion


Keen on finding a way to save some graphic design time ? and batch process some Pngs into JPGs . I am mostly working in Photoshop and i like to keep my images quality closest possible to the original file . For this i use Photoshop Actions to create short cuts to accomplish a job where a batch processing might be required to handle images.

Photoshop Actions is a time saver when you have images that you want to save as another file format and do not want to use a specific script.

Here is how it works


1- Open a single png

2- Open the Actions Window Panel > Windows > Actions.

3-Click on the icon of create a new group of actions if you want to create number of actions for a specific task or project .

4-Create a New action by either clicking on the right hand upper corner of the Actions window or small icon just below this window.

5- Save information for this actions like Name , Key , and color.

6- Now click the Record button . As soon as you press record it will start recording your actions .

Now if you want to resize all the images or change specific appearance or paste clipboard content you can do so that too while you are recording. Go to file save as JPG and hit save .

7- Stop the action.

Now all you have to do is , just open the pngs you want to convert .

Hit the short action key that you assigned to your action . This will follow your commands , save the png as JPG and close the file.

keep hitting the action shortcut key and you are done!

Thats it!

Hope this little tip is helpful Check out More Tips & Tricks of Graphic Design on this blog.

How do you accomplish the image batch processing task? do you have some tips of your own which can be better and improved than this one? Please share yours in the comments below.


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