What exactly is line Art Brush , for those of you who do not know the line art brushes give life to your work . When you are drawing with hand you have total control over the paint brush or pencil to play around with the thickness and pressure points of the stroke . When it comes to working with illustrator you need to work it manually. One way is that you Expand your stroke to shape……….then play around with the nodes to create thickness at points where you want a thicker stroke. The other way is using custom made line brushes . I have been using line brushes since i started working with illustrator and i found out later that no work becomes an art if your stroke doesnt have life!. A simple suggestive stroke of nose or lips or eye applied with correct thickness at correct points just brings the life out of the picture. Here is a set of simple line art brushes that i use regulerly . This is like your pencils set when you are sketching 🙂 . The download link is at the end of the post.

How to use line art brushes?
Use pen tablet or your regular drawing method free hand or mouse or nodes . select your artwork , i will suggest one area at a time. then apply the brush strokes adjust stroke thickness in order to get the right weight of the line work.
After you are happy with your work expand the strokes this helps in keeping your artwork intact when you enlarge it. Here is a set of around 18 line art brushes of different weights and thickness Enjoy!


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