Weekly Free illustration: floral hearts

Ok here i am with another free illustration for this week. and i am also featuring a cool vector pack full of flourishes and hearts. This set was created last year and this year i have been busy creating rather whimsical illustrations and design elements , which i might add to the free vector section next week.
So ….. i present to you a sample eps file for your download and use. Here is the preview of the full Vector pack available through Aifactory.

thumb2 Weekly Free illustration: floral hearts

Great set of 27 Heart and floral design elements practical for cards , backgrounds , designs or web!
Product Details Set:– 27 Element of Design in one EPS file 1 High Res 2400×1567 px 1 PNG High Res 2400×1567 Symbol Library containing 27 symbols ( for adobe illustrator)
Download links :- Here is the link to the Vector Pack at Aifactory. OR Purchase this post and download the full set!
Download Free Sample :-Here is a preview of sample eps file which you can download freely and use in your personal projects.

%5BUNSET%5D Weekly Free illustration: floral hearts

[download id=”51″ format=”3″]Weekly Free illustration: floral hearts

OR Download the Full Set (download link below) with commercial use License when you purchase this post!
[private][download id=”52″ format=”3″][/private]

Weekly Exclusive Freebie : 8 Chic Mod Birds Photoshop Brushes.

[private]Lately i have been fascinated by birds , for this i created some water color paintings and then some Mod looking stylized birds. These birds are also available for download as a vector pack through Aifactory .I created these PhotoShop Brushes set for my personal and quicker use. And when i was done for the project i created them for ,here i am offering them as a  freebie  . There are 8 in this set and here is a preview. Hope you have fun with these.


[download id=”50″ format=”3″]


Weekly Free illustration : Pink Garden Swatches


Oh i always love a little exploration of self , i like it when you draw something and your mouth becomes watery with all the flavours of colors and when your new exploration bring something from inside and you feel lighter and brighter after creating it …. oh never mind i dont know what i am blabbering about but i really loved creating this swatches set as well as my experimental illustration see below


These are the colors i am feeling these days and these are the brights i am working with. So while being on this quest of yummy coloring i came up with this swatch set . I present to you Pink Garden by Asmaa’ yes it is again a freebie , download and use it for your personal projects . No commercial usage please. And if you are not downloading share this one with others! (more…)

Winner Anounced : Photoshop Brushes

[private]thumb2 Winner Anounced : Photoshop Brushes

It time to anounce the winners of Photoshop Medallion Brushes (2400px X 2400px ) resolution @ 300dpi! View the detailed image gallery at Aifactory.

Readers were required to leave comment on this post . I used Random.org for the winning entries and here are the winners names.

  1. Peggy Eichenberger
  2. Brian Pate

Winners are requested to email me their email addresses so the brush set download links can be sent to them. Thanks for leaving comments everyone![/private]

GIVEAWAY :- AiVault Turning 2 Photoshop Brushes Giveaway

[private]Ok this time i have another freebie to giveaway this one is from Aivault’s own store Aifactory . This is a set of very cool and creative Photoshop Brushes and here is a chance for you to win this !


What you will win is a set of 9 Medallion Brushes (2400px X 2400px ) resolution @ 300dpi! View the detailed image gallery at Aifactory

In order to Win this as part of Aivault Birthday Celebration all you have to do is to leave a comment 2 lucky winners will be chosen at random using random number generator and will be given away this photoshop brush set

Be sure to  subscribe to our RSS feed so that you don’t miss what we have in store for you tomorrow as we have some more freebies to give away!


Winner will be announced after 5 days double your chance of winning by tweeting this post! use the retweet button below.[/private]

Free Textures : A Bit of This A bit of That

[private]Ok here i am after a while with textures , these are not really something new that i had . These pictures were taken around a year back while i was exploring some surfaces so this is a little mix up of this and that which i have just uploaded for free download and also for commercial use if needed.

The Free Version is a good 1500 px which is rarely found on other free texture sites. So it is a good find i think. Here are the previews click on the pics to be taken to the download page.

thumb2 Free Textures : A Bit of This A bit of That

thumb2 Free Textures : A Bit of This A bit of That

thumb2 Free Textures : A Bit of This A bit of That

thumb2 Free Textures : A Bit of This A bit of That[/private]

Photoshop Brushes :- 2010 calendar create your own

[private]I think it is the perfect time to share this freebie with aivault and aifactory users ! just in time for the new year which is just around the corner . this will give you plenty of time to create calendars share them with friends and family and why not print your own! . So i have created this first in the set of 2 (other one i am working on ) . The High res calendar is available through the store while the Lo Res version is available to download for the facebook fans of Aifactory! . Yes besides Aivault Facebook page there was a need for an Aifactory fan page as well . So as a note of thank you for everyone who joins in they can get this free brush pack!. (LO RES Version but not too lo either!)

thumb2 Photoshop Brushes :- 2010 calendar create your own

Download the free version of this set when you join us at the Facebook page!
AiFactory Cliparts & Graphics | Promote Your Page Too
206910666728.2703.1126985631 Photoshop Brushes :- 2010 calendar create your own[/private]

Free Texture : Old Brick Wall rough Cement

[private]We have an old portion of our house which was being built then for some reason left as is , this area is full of interesting textures , old rustic , grungy and what not! this set that i am going to share with you today is a high res texture of freshly unfinished cemented wall gone old. so it has got a lot of characteristics to it and hence many uses ! So here it is free for you to download and use in your personal projects. A more higher version is also available if you would rather want to go commercial with it.

You can have them downloaded from the Aivault Store click on each image to be taken to its download page. Each image is available in a good size of 1500 px to download for free !! yay!! , still if you would like to have a bigger size you can do that too!. Click on the images to zoom in pretty good to see the quality before you download! Here are the textures !

thumb2 Free Texture : Old Brick Wall rough Cement

thumb2 Free Texture : Old Brick Wall rough Cement

thumb2 Free Texture : Old Brick Wall rough Cement

thumb2 Free Texture : Old Brick Wall rough Cement

thumb2 Free Texture : Old Brick Wall rough Cement

thumb2 Free Texture : Old Brick Wall rough Cement


Premium Members Freebie : Holiday Photoshop Brushes

This month we launched Monthly kit club for our members at Aifactory the aivault.com store. And as a Monthly Kit Club Launch Club membership is 50% off! ie $5 for this and the next month!. This month members have a chance to recieve 4 kits in a single price of $5 it is a wonderful offer read more about it over at the Aifactory Store Site .

From the Aifactory Monthly kit club This Photoshop brushes Set  i am adding to the Premium Members Library as well here as part of  AiVault Premium Membrship plan. So members Go ahead and download it for free!


Terms of Use :- Personal Use only -Non Commercial.

[private][download id=”46″][/private]

Free Textures : Scratched walls

[private]This time i have something different for you , since the Aivault Change in design i have been trying to make this post , but since i wanted the download system to work fine as well it took me a while to do this !. Anyway these are some high res textures for you to download and use in your personal use projects . These are very practical textures and i am sure you will find a good use of them! .

You can have them downloaded from the Aivault Store click on each image to be taken to its download page. Each image is available in a good size of 2000 px to download for free !! yay!! , still if you would like to have a bigger size you can do that too!.  Click on the images to zoom in pretty good to see the quality before you download! Here are the textures !

thumb2 Free Textures : Scratched walls

thumb2 Free Textures : Scratched walls

thumb2 Free Textures : Scratched walls

thumb2 Free Textures : Scratched walls


50 Wonderfully practical Scripts for Adobe illustrator

Since i started working more towards wall decal stickers , i am constantly coming across getting a better file output , that is clean and more workable .
So in search of tools of a better work accomplishment scripts play a very practical part.

2 50 Wonderfully practical Scripts for Adobe illustrator

1-Create Calendars Automatically in Illustrator

It was possible through InDesign to create Calendars till now , but not anymore this practical script does the job for you , and what is wonderful is that it is regularly being modified to work better!

2-Fit Text Frame to Content

Expands the text box to fit overset type

3-Find and Replace Graphics

This script is especially useful to turn generic path objects (say from the GIS) into proper Illustrator “Symbols” or to swap out one set of generic path objects for another.

4-Place Multiple Files in Illustrator

This script will allow you to (import) place multiple files as separate named layers from a designated folder to a new Illustrator document. The files are all placed at once, you don’t get to control individual placement (but of course you can modify location after the script runs). Script should work with CS2, CS3, and CS4, both Mac and Windows

5-MultiPage 4 for Illustrator CS3 and CS4

Produce and publish in one environment! Create multiple pages in Adobe Illustrator and export or print multiple pages with ease. Version 4 supports PDF, JPEG and EPS export of multiple pages for enhanced web and print design. Use MultiPage to export or simply navigate between pages for essential organization and ease.

6-Wolfgang Reszel’s Javascripts for Illustrator

Includes an exhaustive cross listing to additional scripts for Illustrator.

  1. WR-closeAllPaths
  2. WR-usedColors
  3. WR-descaleImages
  4. WR-replaceColors
  5. WR-DateAndTime
  6. WR-SaveAndCloseAll
  7. WR-removeDuplicates
  8. WR-autoClipImages
  9. WR-capitalSize
  10. WR-scaleLikeTopMost
  11. WR-deEmbed
  12. WR-collect
  13. WR-Animate
  14. WR-reversePathDirection
  15. WR-pathResolution
  16. WR-ImagePrintRes

7- 27 John Wundes’ Javascripts for Illustrator

This is a growing library of Javascript scripts written by John Wundes to extend the functionality of Adobe Illustrator.


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12 Most Cute & adorable color & pattern swatches – What little boys are made of!

[private]Creating Images for kids has always been fun for me , Recently i was involved in creating series of illustrations specifially for little boys related invites and such.

During this time i was looking for a good set of swatches which i can use right away to achieve my requirement but was unable to find any . So i thought i will share this pattern & swatches set with you just in case you are also looking for something similar.

This swatches set contains 12 color and pattern swatches espacially designed to create images , invites , backgrounds , patterns for baby boys i guess , but maybe you will find more use of them!

Download this set here

[download id=”45″]

A Preview of an invite created using these swatches



Weekly Free illustration : Diamond Necklace

[private]I am again moving toward giving away a weekly Free illustration . So here is one!.

While creating custom illustrations for a client’s wedding i got hooked up in creating a diamond necklace and then ended up writing a tutorial for it! .


Download this illustration as a freebie and keep an eye on the next post to learn how to create it! . Coming up tutorial is how to create a diamond necklace. (more…)

Premium Member Freebie : Yummy CupCakes Vector Pack

prev Premium Member Freebie : Yummy CupCakes Vector PackHere is yummy cupcake illustrations set . The set contains 7 mouthwatering cupcakes vector illustrations with yummy vector toppings! yum yum!

The vector pack comes with Hi Res PNG and JPG files to make life easier for you a furthermore :).

Grab a cup of coffee!! have fun!

Download it Here!

PS you must have a premium member account to access this freebie.


[download id=”41″] [/private]

Premium Member Freebie : Yummy CupCakes Vector Pack


I have compile a list of useful Blogging and Life Tools and resources that I have found very useful and at some point have used them. The list includes resources that in my personal opinion are the best found over the web. You will find here list recommended services, products, and companies that I use and/or those I know are valuable . Some of the links are Affiliates but I ONLY recommend the services and products that are really useful and worth sharing.

Life & Personal Growth

DreamCatcher Life Planner : I highly recommend the Goal Planner This Goal planning system Highly changed the way I accomplish my day to day Goals . After failing to find a perfect solution that guided me along the way to achieving Goals this system works best for me.


I have been blogging since last 15 years and during that time I have adopted and rejected , tried and tested so many blogging tools and resources. I have changed Blog hosting services, tried pre-made blog templates, and used Graphic Design Resources websites . Here are some of my favourites that still have lasted tests of time and are my favourites and recommended.

Graphic River: For graphic design tools and resources , I am not too much of a fan for Graphic design part here but I always turn to them for WordPress themes , wordpress plugins.They also have Audio Jungle for

Audio Jungle: Whenever the need for quick access to Royalty Free sound arose I knew where to turn to. There are plenty of cool audios which might help you in editing your videos or more.

Website Hosting by HostMonster: This is THE BEST hosting service which I will recommend. I did get a chance to host some of my other websites with inmotion and others but soon I realized that HostMonster has the best up time as well as The best customer service , I highly recommend them if you are thinking of buying hosting or starting a website. Use the link provided by me to get a special discount.

Hosting by BlueHost: After Hostmonster if I would recommend any other hosting provider then that would be BlueHost . In fact Hostmonster is managed and maintained by BlueHost. If you are thinking of starting a blog or creating a website then I will recommend BlueHost as your service provider . They were one of the best hosting providers for year 2015. you can start blogging through your own blog with them for just $3.49 a month!Through this Link you will get domain name free for first year  if you purchase a 12 month or longer blog hosting plan.

Drips and splatters Vector Symbols Library

Ok here is another freebie , exclusive to readers of aivault.com This is  a symblo library of 24 drips and sprays!.  When i started using illustrator i released a small set of drips at deviantart which was downloaded around 6,808 times!! and believe me that is nothing compared to this one!.


I have put up more effort into this one and i hope you like it !

we would love to see what you have created with it!.


[download id=”39″]

Author:Asmaa’ Murad
Web site:Aifactory Graphics
Software: Adobe illustrator
Category:  AiToolsFree Downloads
Terms of use: Show Info
File Format: [download id=”39″ format=”13″]
Description:[download id=”39″ format=”4″]

This is a vector file you will require a vector editing software to edit and open the file in

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Bin B’ Bon illustrations : additions to AiFactory!

[private]AIVAULTTHUMBI have been lately busy creating contents and setting up the AiFactory store , Joining me in this effort are few very creative and talented artist and illustrators . I have plenty of illustrations and vector packs which i am keen to put up online ! . Here are few of the recent additions to the store ! check them out!

A cute pack digital pack of Animal heads ! only $5 download it from here!

Bin n Bon set1

A creative pack of hand doodled wings ! only $2 download it from hereBin n Bon set2

You can also Become a Designer at AiFactory! Details here![/private]

Freebie: 14 Exclusive Floral Stamps Vectors

[private]aivaultthumbI recently had the opportunity to create floral stamps for my good friend Rype for his blog Vectips .At his blog he blogs about very resourceful vector inspirations and tutorials , and is one of my favourite blogs talking about vectors!. So here is a freebie of Floral Stamps created exclusively for Vectips check them out and download them from Vectips


Free Illustration Thursday! :-Beautiful Doodled Hina Pattern

free Free Illustration Thursday! :-Beautiful Doodled Hina Pattern
My latest creation list has emerged from my love for doodled hina patterns . Belonging to a region where on every occasion be it wedding , annual events it is much of a celebration in itself applying hina  . (more…)

Snow Flakes Scatter Brushes : Free Download

So , Designers are already getting their creative hands ready creating Christmas graphics and designs . Entrepreneurs and business owners are already planning out their Christmas content that they are ready to get sales from . They might be looking for some tools to get this process smoother and easier.

So here is a little freebie for your creative pleasure , The free version from the complete set of Snowflakes vector brushes.

snowflakes Free Vector Brushes illustrator

snowflakes Free Vector Brushes illustrator

Download this free set but clicking on the link below

and if you want to take it further up level then do checkout
Complete Snowflakes Brushes Set here 17 brushes


Creative Tip!

Draw a random path with pencil tool , apply the brush adjust the size , change the colour Have fun ! . Draw a square frame apply the brush and you will get a random / perfectly lined snowflake border line.

Here is the full 17 brushes collection 

vb snow preview Snow Flakes Scatter Brushes : Free Download

[shopify embed_type="collection" shop="asmaamurad.myshopify.com" product_handle="vector-brushes-illustrator"]

Vector Tip#2:- Changing appearence of Scatter Brushes

[private]Since Launching of Aivault Shopi have been more frequently being questioned about modifying brushes , Here is the latest one “How to change appearance of Scatter Brushes!” . In my opinion scatter brushes are such fun to play around with , and if you have an interesting set of scatter brushes you can achieve variety of effects from it . (more…)

Latest Freebie at Aivault store : Photoshop Designer Stamps EPS : Premium Member Download!

pb designer stamp free Latest Freebie at Aivault store : Photoshop Designer Stamps EPS : Premium Member Download!It is time for another premium Freebie here at aivault! . I just released an awsome looking set of 12 designer sketched stamps at aivault store!. You can download a free sample of these brushes FREE! . But dont forget to take a look at the FULL SET . And for premium members the source file ie EPS 8 file is available for download. (more…)

34 Cool Pencil Shading Sketch Doodles!

[private]preview1 34 Cool Pencil Shading Sketch Doodles!Ok this freebie is really cool! , I have been experimenting with a new Painting Software and just for fun i ended up creating these pencil shading doodles . These are created at different pen pressures as well as a pencil sizes . Hope you will enjoy creating stuff with them as much as i am doing right now!
I have also included a High Res Photoshop Brushes file along with this ! So download the file and use them as you please! (more…)

Free :Ornate Frames Photoshop Brushes

[private]pb ornateframes preview Free :Ornate Frames Photoshop BrushesAfter Creating Vector ORNATE FLORAL BRUSHES , I created these beautiful Frames as photoshop Brushes . And guess what you can download this FREE!. The set contains around 14 ORNATE FRAMES , This is a Lite edition which means that it is created on a artboard 600 x 600 px . Pretty useful while making your next web project. Very detailed these were created with The brush set with few strokes! . (more…)

Vector Pack : Baby vector illustration freebie

vectorpack Vector Pack : Baby vector illustration freebieToday i set myself a task of creating cute little adorable vectors which can be used in different kind of projects . Creation of these was possible with input of my two little sons who helped me fill the colors up. I selected the swatches palette of kids and once told them how to use paint bucket tool and incredibly they were off to painting all of them. One of them is 4 years old and other is 6 , i am amazed at how kids learn fast !. (more…)

Free Christmas Photo Templates for Photoshop

floral christmas Free Christmas Photo Templates for Photoshop

Download this beautiful Free Photo Template for Photoshop. Simply open blank frame png file in photoshop and drag and drop your favourite Photograph to make an impression.

Signup to Download this illustration


[membership]586abf6db6fc1117b60b2753 Free Christmas Photo Templates for Photoshop[/membership]


This file was created by Aivault.com and is distributed under the Art inspire License .

Tags : Vector Art Backgrounds , Free Vector Clipart , Free Vector icon , Vector graphics , Vector images

Free Christmas Photo Templates for Photoshop

The spirit of Christmas is in the air , Last minute greetings can still be sent . I created this greeting for a friend of mine . Yesterday i shared with you a wonderful Vector Texture . (more…)

Vector Wings

wings Vector Wings

Vector Wings

Releasing Set of vector wings in different shapes included two different star shapes and splashes of paint. . Available for download by Premium Members . This post is also available for purchase for $3.5 USD.