Congratulations that you are ready to set up an Art Business Online.

This means a lot of things ! this tells me that you are committed to your art and you are confident that there is a potential of selling Art Online.

Maybe you are already doing and selling Art online and want to upscale your sales and reach and want to make a living selling art online. Good News is that you can do it for sure. And the Bad News ( well not exactly bad , but lot of people dont succeed selling Art Online if they lack this ) is that this is going to be a journey that demands not only creativity but persistence and commitment. And it is not something that you can achieve in a day or two.  

Since We will be working together on selling your Art and creativity Online, We must take it as a solid business. A strong business has a strong foundation and a structure in place.

Consider it like a well oiled machinery that must have its various engine parts working together, supporting each other part . I have broken down these pieces into Layers which work in conjunction on top of one another, so that your business thrives. If one part is week other parts will not perform well. 

Now is the time to work on these layers one by one. I provide resources around all these Layers in detail in my SELL  ART ONLINE BUSINESS BLUEPRINT OUTLINER but for now we will be touching on some of the most important Layers in this free course

Our first Layer is Branding so lets get started.

Layer 1 : Branding as an Artist or as a Business

If you don’t already have a brand style guide, you’ve probably at least thought about the need to create a
consistent brand identity. Why?

Because effective branding affects everything you do — from your business strategy to closing sales deals to talking to your
customer. Branding defines who your brand is, what you’re brand does, and how you communicate that externally.
Having a cohesive brand, in essence, creates trust both in the market and with your customers.
Because branding is so important to any business’s marketing strategy, we believe every company out there should have brand guidelines. And when it comes to branding, consistency is everything.

Do not forget that having a presence online does not mean that you can create an Art piece, illustration or graphic design piece and it will start selling. With my 18+ year of selling Art online having your business online means you should have a Name and a Visual that people can relate or remember you by. So that you are identifiable wherever over the vast internet dominion they see your image they can relate to it. 

You must decide on coming up with a recognizable presence that is not only easy to remember but conveys about your style, your vision for your business and also yourself.

it gives your employees, contractors, and partners a central place to access important documentation and visual assets to create more effective content.
• It helps establish trust with your customers and audience.
• It helps you maintain consistency, particularly when making updates to your branding.
• It lets you define what and who you brand is, not someone else.

It is about time to take your hobby as a serious business

Trello Brand Style Guide

Take inspiration from today’s top brands and make your own brand style guide to allow everyone representing your brand
to produce collateral quickly, efficiently, and with confidence.
Build an effective brand style guide with these seven simple steps:

1. Kick off your brand style guide with a great brand story
2. Present your official brand name
3. Use logo guidelines to create a recognizable brand signature
4. Include your brand’s core color palette
5. Dictate your typography hierarchy
6. Define your brand voice
7. Specify the imagery and iconography that makes up your visual style


A brand styling guide includes distinct guidelines on how each and every graphical or visual aspect of your company will be handled . It is something you can always refer to when creating your online presence.

  1. This guide establishes rules for creating the presence of your brand online and in the market. This includes everything from a logo , a visiting card , letter head design, the look of a website and product design.
  2. Brand styling guide acts as a personal communication guide for your social media , advertising and product design needs.
  3. Your brand styling guide also serves as a guide for designers , including typefaces and styles to color palette , image use , text and tone and also emotional portrayed by the brand.

Above all a brand style guide brings every aspect of your business together to attract the right sort of clients , compels them to do business with you and enables you to create authority.

“Branding is what people say about
you when you’re not in the room.”



When creating Brand Style Guide for clients or designing a website or Logo, I regularly use some or all of these websites either for inspiration or to get my job done.

These Websites and Links have been very useful and I hope they will help you get your work done as well.



Below you’ll find various recommendations for branding your business online. Although your brand needs most of these elements I would suggest that you start with creating your brand style guide. The purpose of this list is to give you an idea of what to look for when you are creating a brand online. ( Affiliate links may also be added to some of the products) 


No 1 reason for not getting enough sales is not knowing your ideal client. This lesson will help you get to know your client inside and out. So that you sell to them again and again.

Find where to find them and speak their languague.


This Smart Business Outliner contains all the tools resources and the complete framework that I personally use to Sell my Art online.


Ready to get your branding started? 

Lets connect! check out My previous work or Contact me to work on your logo !

I am Asmaa’ , Digital Artist and illustrator, a mom to two wonderful electric little boys. Fun facts about me that I am a workaholic and I love chocolates that are really not sweet . I like cinnamon thats too sweet and just the smell of fresh coffee makes me smile.

When I had my first little one I knew that I want to stay at home and I knew I need to spend more time with him, and while doing that I also knew that I had to somehow contribute to the family finances. I got online wading through but really no idea how to raise some money. On this blog I share my Art Journey as well as share my experiences of selling Art Online , I welcome you to my online world!

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