In this tutorial you will see how to use envelope tool to create a Disco Ball , You will also utilize Twirl and Crystallize tool to understand its options . This tutorial is divided in two parts . During Part 1 you will be using  Envelope tool & Crystallize Tool.Part 2  will walk you through Twirl Tool options. This tutorial is continued from Part 1

Here is the preview we are working our way into.

Step 4

Creating the STAR

Select the Shape tool > star create a multi pointed star here i chose 6 to start with .

Select the twirl tool

And click on the star shape . longer you keep your press the more Twirled shape you will get .

Create a copy of the shape and rotate it a bit slightly off center of the first one and away.

Step 5

Creating the Background

Here i created multiple copies of the same shape and gave them different colours and transparencies

Step 6

Creating the light effect circles .

Create a circle and colour it with a bright colour and set transparency.

Here i created multiple circles with different colour basically sticking to bright basic shades.

Step 7

Mask the work area

Create a copy of the background rectangle go to EDIT > PASTE IN FRONT

Select all > Go to OBJECT > CLIPPING MASK > MAKE!

There you have it your perfectly trimmed illustrations.

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