Create a Disco Environment with Twirl Tool, Crystalize , and Envelope Tool- Part 1


In this tutorial you will see how to use envelope tool to create a Disco Ball , You will also utilize Twirl and Crystallize tool to understand its options . This tutorial is divided in two parts . During Part 1 you will be using  Envelope tool & Crystallize Tool.Part 2  will walk you through Twirl Tool options.

A few days back i talked about my discovery of Envelope tool In this tutorial i am utilizing that discovery. In order to Create what you see below The source file is downloadable through our Premium Users Download Section.

Step 1

Creating a pattern

Here i planned on which colours i will be using in creating the vector Disco Party Ball.

Set your document to Snap to Grid before you proceed with making a simple square.

Create multiple copies of one sqare by selecting it and hitting CTRL+D . Colour them according to your colour plan.

While selecting your ROW OF SQUARES create copies and arrange randomly .One top of another partially will help you acieve a random pattern.

Create another copy of the random arrangement.While pressing ALT +SHIFT place it right below the first set of squares.

Delete random bits and pieces to achieve a square.

Give a stroke of white to the whole square selection .

Create copy ALT + SHIFT Drag to right.

Select all create another copy Alt + SHIFT Drag Down.

Select All and Group them.

Step 2

Enveloping a Circle.

Draw a circle on top of this group.

Go to Object > Envelope Distort > Make with Top Object.

This what you will get.

Step 3

Creating Burst of light

click on your shape tool and select a star , click once on the work board to open up the options window create a star with around 6 corners.

Click on the Crystlize tool in order to create an irregular shpe of the star.

Set a transparency to the distorted star shape.

Create a copy of the burst and arrange on another point . Here i also copied that burst and reduced the size and placed multiple shapes over one another while rotating each star burst a bit.

Continue to Part 2

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