Sorry for being off the scene for a while  , thats not because i was Not working , it was because i was working on so many things . And on top of that we decided to ” Take a Plunge” . Yes , a decision that we hope will bring a positive change to our lives. We have packed up everything from our home country and moved on … . That include moving to a new country .

Seems so easy right? we just moved out and moved our life , our business and everything to Dubai in the hope that things will be good for our children’s future.

Yesterday i got a chance to meet a local web development agency , they wanted me to work for them . How exciting ! , well no not so exciting i guess when after seeing my portfolio they are very very keen to work with me , but , they want me to give them a test design .

Oh Please! take a look at my work profile ! that should tell you what i work on and how i work , but still they want to see me work. That is something that really “PXXXD” me off.

Whats in it for me ?

I will spend me creative time putting aside my current jobs and create a TEST design for them , IF they like it they will give me work.

Having said that , we have just moved to this new place and ofcourse we must find some work in the local market too to get clients , is it a good idea to start giving out tests when you have 16 years of graphic design experience behind you and a web serach and portfolio giving a loooooooooooooooooooooong list of works…

What do you think? have you come across a similar situation ? what do you suggest?

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